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Online scheduling and event, service, and worship planning application.

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Service and event planning software for churches

Service planning

Church service planning software

If you have a Sunday service, then this tool is built for you! Plan your services and make sure everyone knows what's going on, when it's happening, who's responsible, and which information they need

Event planning

Plan special events such as weddings with ChurchSuite

Planning a special event? Or perhaps a wedding? Whatever it is - we've kept "irregular" events front and centre as we've developed this module. It is a tremendous tool for church event planning.

Conference planning

Church conference planning software

Do you organise conferences? Or courses? Again - the Planning module is a must-have app for this. It has so many useful tools built in which will make organising your conference or course sessions so much simpler - and more effective!

File storage built in

File upload and storage built in

Store documents, song sheets, or other supporting resources directly in ChurchSuite and attach them to the relevant items in your plan. Easy!

Song sheets

Upload chord sheets for the whole team

The ability to store a variety of items, such as songs, in the Planning module, makes service planning really easy. But it's especially helpful for giving worship teams access to the song sheets they need!

CCLI tracking

CCLI tracking software for churches

We've built CCLI tracking in to the Planning module, so that your service planning can all be managed centrally. We're firm believers in the notion that having the right system in place can often massively reduce the work-load!

Plan collaboratively

Plan collaboratively - service planning for church teams

Our easy to use "drag-and-drop" interface for re-ordering plan items, the ability to assign people to various items on the plan and to share a link to a "people-facing" version of the plan - this is great for teams! 

Great for Worship teams

Service planning software for worship teams

Schedule the team, plan the songs, store chord sheets, link to external resources on Spotify or video links, and more. Your worship teams will love the Planning module!

Links into Rotas and Calendar 

Planning modules links to church management system

We've linked the Planning module through to different parts of ChurchSuite. For example, if a change in the Rotas module is made that affects a plan, then that change automatically syncs through to the planning module.

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