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Manage all your church events in one place

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A powerful calendar to help manage your church life

Calendar view

The ChurchSuite church calendar for churches - calendar view

See all your events from a single view. Visualise what's going on, which members of staff are on holiday, and quickly plan an appropriate date for your next event; or filter Categories to simply show certain types of events.

Busy church? ChurchSuite allows you to search through your events

Search through your events, past or furture, to find the exact date and time you're after—without the need to browse through hundreds of event listings. And with Advanced Search you can filter with even greater detail to find just what you want.

Easily add new events to your calendar

Easily add new events direct to a date on your calendar. We've deliberately designed ChurchSuite to be intuitive and responsive to the needs of a busy church office. Everything is just where you'd expect things to be.

Track annual leave

Keep track of which church staff members are away on holiday and when

See who's requesting annual leave and monitor their requests from a single interface, keeping track of how much annual leave each staff member has left.

Log sick leave

Know when your church staff members are off sick and keep track of their sick leave

Stay on top of your sick leave records with built in sick leave tracking and reporting from right within the ChurchSuite web interface.

Keep track of who's where

Are your church staff out of the office? Log it in ChurchSuite to stay on top of managing your church office

Keep track of when staff and volunteers are 'out of office' but still available—invaluable for the busy church administrator.

Remember the birthday!

View staff birthdays on your calendar

Be promptly reminded when it's a member of staff's birthday. You'll never have reason to forget to celebrate with your staff again!

Manage series of events

See a list of events in your church calendar with the ChurchSuite calendar for churches

Events often occur in a series with other events, maybe it's a course or your Sunday services — ChurchSuite makes it easy to see all the related events on a single screen.

Categorise events logically

Organise your church events into event categories with the ChurchSuite church calendar software.

Categories in ChurchSuite make it easy to group and colour similar events, making it clear which are external bookings, pastoral meetings or kids' groups, all with great ease.

Quickly create categories

Create event categories to organise your church events on your ChurchSuite church calendar

We know that you won't be holding the same events forever. Whether you launch a new ministry or make changes to an existing one, ChurchSuite makes it easy to add a new category.

Subscribe to your church calendar

Subscribe to calendar feeds and get your ChurchSuite calendar on your favourite personal calendar application

Subscribe to iCal or Google Calendar feeds to always get your latest ChurchSuite calendar events on your favourite desktop or mobile calendar application.

Easily import events

Easily import event information from an existing calendar application

Easily import calendar event information from any external calendar applications. ICS or iCal file formats can be quickly imported.

Single date and recurring events

Set up single occurrence or repeating events.

ChurchSuite's calendar module lets you set up repeating events for a wide range of repeat patterns. And if things change, apply your changes to individual events or all events in a series.

Customise your event visibility

Manage event visibility on an event-by-event basis

Manage event visibility on an event-by-event basis. Choose to keep some events private; just shown on your ChurchSuite Calendar; or set your public-facing events visible in My ChurchSuite or your web-embedded calendar.

Put your calendar on your website

Embed a calendar of your public-facing events on your church's website

Easily embed your church's public-facing events calendar on your website. Visitors to your site can drill-down into the event detail and even sign-up online.

Create Bookings for your events

Easily create Bookings for your events

Create Bookings for your calendar events. Event details are automatically entered into the Booking. All you have to do is allocate resources to your Booking.

Reports for notice sheets

Get a report of upcoming calendar events in a format for Sunday notices or notice sheet production.

Produce a report of your upcoming events - ideal for giving Sunday notices or providing the 'copy' for your weekly Notice Sheet

Identify duplicated events

Get a report of upcoming calendar events in a format for Sunday notices or notice sheet production.

Identify possible duplicate events in your ChurchSuite calendar with this handy report.

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