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Simply and intuitively manage ministries and serving teams across the life of your church.

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Manage your church ministry rotas online

Organise Ministries

Manage ministries across the life of the church

See which teams operate under which ministries and who is in those teams. Assign serving dates to teams and stay on top of what's going on at any given time in your church.

Assign Roles

Assign roles across your church's ministry teams

Create roles across your ministries and assign those roles to church members in each ministry. Easily communicate with members by their serving role, e.g. email all Leaders.

Manage Rotas

Manage the rotas across your church ministry

Publish rotas for your ministries. Choose your rota type (weekly, monthly etc). Add church members direct to your rotas, and enjoy the overview the system gives you - easily see all the rotas in your church!

Set Customisable Rotations

Create rotas with custom team rotations or ad hoc

Set up your rotas with customisable team rotations, choosing which teams to include in the rotation and which team is first in the rotation. Or create Ad Hoc rotas for those ministries that don't a rotation pattern at all. Flexibility to suit each of your different ministries.

Not Just For Sundays

Rotas are not just for Sundays!

The Rotas module isn't just for Sundays! Set up your mid-week ministries too; then publish rotas for your serving team members and volunteers.

Customisable Rota Views

Customise your rota views

View your rotas in name order; or identify empty roles by switching to "role" view. Now you can identify your serving team gaps and recruit accordingly.

Grab the email addresses of everyone on your list

Send emails to whole ministries, auto-schedule emails to remind teams when it's their week, or email anybody who has been assigned a certain role (such as "Team Leader").

Text Your Teams

Send texts via txtlocal.co.uk

Auto-schedule text messages to go out to the serving team on a rota, reminding them it's their turn to serve!

Plan your services

Group serving rotas by church service

Easily group rotas together in a meaningful way and visualise each of your services in one place. Use service notes to keep rota members on the same page.

Add New Dates To Rotas

Add new serving dates to existing rotas

As well as creating new rotas, ChurchSuite also lets you add new dates to existing rotas - giving you the flexibility to extend the period over which a rota runs if you should need to.

Edit Roles Directly On The Rota

Add a role to a contact direct from a rota

ChurchSuite lets you add and edit a contact's roles from a rota itself. Roles assigned from a rota only apply for one week, so they're great for responsabilities that switch from one week to another.

Rota Clash Notifications

Rota clash notifications let you know when a contact is serving on a conflicting rota.

When creating rotas, or adding people to existing rotas, ChurchSuite will automatically detect and notify you of any clashes between your rota and any other that they may be serving on.

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