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Web-based Church Database
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Unlimited users with ChurchApp's web based software as a service

Multiple Users, Access from Anywhere. ChurchSuite

Web-based technology has many benefits over more traditional desktop, installed software, including the ability to have unlimited users accessing it at the same time, from anywhere.

Not only can every member of staff have their own login to ChurchSuite, but they can be given access to just the parts they need, making things simpler to manage and easier to use. A Web-based Church Database really does have huge benefits over the more traditional software models.

Impressive Church Communication system

ChurchApp's powerful communication features allow your staff to communicate with any member, or group of members, of your church in a variety of ways, including via SMS, email, or printed address labels/envelopes. ChurchApp automatically formats the data you need and presents it in the format that will work best for you, allowing you to get on with the work that only you can do.

Communication in web-based church database

Keep tabs on your Small Group ministry

With the ChurchSuite Web-based Church Database, staying on top of your small group ministry is a breeze. Let your small group leaders help you track weekly attendance through ChurchApp, enabling you to get a good overview of what is going on in your church.

Quickly and easily communicate with all your small group leaders or small group worship leaders. Base your decisions on accurate data, including where on the map your small groups meet, what proportion of your members are part of a small group or where on the map there are concentrations of members who do not live near a small group.

Small group attendance in web-based church database

Make sure everyone is on the same page

ChurchSuite's calendar efficiently keeps your team organised, performing a vital function in this Web-based Church Database. From regular or ad-hoc events to annual leave allowances or sick leave, your team will know at one glance what is happening in the life and ministry of your church.

Calendar in web-based church database

A state of the art address book

Underpinning this simple to use but powerful Web-based Church Database is a state of the art address book. Keep track of who's who in the life of your church, communicate with them easily and efficiently, or track which courses they have been on in order to see what further programmes might benefit your members.

Up-to-date stats enable you to keep tabs on your church's growth or key events such as how many baptisms or weddings were conducted in the last year. To see this and many other features, take the tour of this fantastic web-based church database.

Contact in web-based church database

ChurchSuite is set to make your church's administration far easier, we think it's your perfect match.


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Kath Semple

https://churchsuite.com/ ChurchSuite 5  

Exactly what we need, easy to use, and speedy and helpful support. Can't recommend ChurchSuite highly enough.

I love ChurchSuite - it makes my job as church administrator so much easier. I love ....
- Having everything in one place and interlinked
- The fact that it is constantly evolving in response to need rather than just for the sake of change

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