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ChurchSuite Management System Pricing
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ChurchSuite Pricing, Starting at just 12.50 GBP a month

Prices displayed above include any applicable discounts. Discount percentages are approximate and are applied against the full calculated price of the relevant package. For UK accounts, prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

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No. adults in your church?

ChurchSuite pricing tiers are based on the number of active contacts entered in the Address Book module. Typically, this is adult church members, with childrens' details entered in the Children module. You do not pay for archived contacts or contacts in your Children module.




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Whether you have a staff team of 1 or 100, it makes no difference - there's no limit to the number of users you can give access to ChurchSuite. What's more, each user can be limited to only access specific modules.

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We know that it can be a real pain transferring your data from one system to another, and we want to help, so let us do the hard work for you. Simply send us your data as a CSV file and we'll import it for you... for free!

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