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Claim gift aid, take online donations and manage your church's regular giving.

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Manage your church's giving and donations in the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

Manage Givers

Manage your church's givers in the ChurchSuite church giving and donations module

The Giving module links in to your ChurchSuite Address Book to help build a giving profile for each giver. You can even build a giver profile if they're not in the main Address Book.

Track Donations

Manage your church's donations in the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

See the list of all donations made to your church. Add donations to the list, link the donations to a giver and fund, and select payment type. You can even import donations directly from your bank statement!

Maintain Funds

Manage your church's giving funds in the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

Gain an overview of which funds, such as "General Giving" or "Building Project" giving is going in to. You can set up as many funds as you like - useful for special offerings, mission offerings, and so on.

Simple By Design

The Giving module has been designed around simple, helpful and intuitive workflows.

ChurchSuite's simple but intuitive interface make recording donations super easy. Add donations individually or in batches. We've given thought to every step of your workflow with functionality and features just where you need them.

Gift Aid Declarations

Manage your church's gift aid declarations through the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

Easily manage your church members' gift aid declarations. Create gift aid declarations and link them to all funds a giver donates money to, or specific funds if needed. For example, you could claim "Regular Giving" donations, but not donations for "Building Giving".

Submit your gift aid claims directly to HMRC in the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

Gift aid claims are easy, quick and simple with ChurchSuite. You can can link ChurchSuite to your Charities Online acount, so whenever you want to make a gift aid claim you can submit the details of the donations involved directly to HMRC.

Online Giving

Donate money to your church online - online giving for churches

The Giving module simplifies online giving via your website. Setting up one-off or regular donations could not be simpler or quicker. If the giver is already in your ChurchSuite address book, a lot of the information is pre-filled for them.

Upload Bank Statements

Upload your church's bank statements into the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module and reconcile it with your church management system

Upload your bank statements to ChurchSuite to import your giving data and automatically reconcile it with the right givers and funds. Staying up-to-date with your church's giving data could not be easier!

Giving Pledges

Manage your church's giving pledges in the ChurchSuite giving and donations management module

Set up giving pledges for your givers on ChurchSuite. Whether the pledge is to support a missionary, to contribute to a building fund, or for regular giving - easily track start and end dates, total pledged and monthly amounts.

Email your church members a statement for their Giving over a certain period.

To help make it as easy as possible to keep your givers up to date on their donations, the Giving module gives you the ability to email them a statement of all their donations for a specified period.

Manage giver couples and split Gift Aid in accordance with donor wishes

Easily set giver profile as a couple based on Address Book couples, and then specify the Gift Aid split ChurchSuite should use when processing donations and reclaiming Gift Aid.

Create Giving module-specific Tags to assign to and group your givers.

The Giving module allows you to create and assign Tags to help categorise or group your givers. Tags in the Giving module are only visible within the Giving module giver profiles.

Set an additional password for your Giving module.

Keep your giving records confidential by adding a module password as a second level of authentication for users.

Create custom giving methods to suit your church's donations.

ChurchSuite includes all the common giving methods such as cash, cheque, and standing order. You can also create your own custom giving methods.

Import Givers from another system, including Gift Aid Declaration details.

ChurchSuite makes it easy to import your existing giver profiles from other systems. You can even import linked spouse Gift Aid splits and Gift Aid declarations.

Submit direct to HMRC online, or download your claim for manual submission.

Whilst ChurchSuite enables you to submit Gift Aid claims online, you can also download your claims for manual submission. Manage your Gift Aid processes the way you want.

Link new givers to existing Address Book contacts, or create new Address Book contacts straight from a new giver's profile.

People connect with churches at different times and in different ways. Link a new giver to an existing Address Book contact, or create the new Address Book contact straight from the new giver's profile.

Communicate with your givers direct from the Giving module.

Whether you want to communicate with a single giver direct from their giver profile page, or communicate with groups of givers; ChurchSuite provides comprehensive communications functionality right at your fingertips.

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