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Youth & Children's Ministry
Securely track your church's youth and children's ministry

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Auto-manage multiple Children's age groups with ChurchSuite, Children's Ministry Software

Import children

Import your data quickly into ChuchApp, Children's Database System for Churches

ChurchSuite allows you to import data into your church database system directly from CSV format, meaning you can start using it to manage your children's data securely today.

Parent not in the church?

Parent not in the church? No problem. ChurchSuite allows you to manage contact details for children who don't have a linked adult contact in the Address Book module.

Child's parent not in the church? No problem. ChurchSuite allows you to store and manage the contact details of children who don't have a linked adult contact in the Address Book module.

Stay in touch

Communicate with your Children and their parents via ChurchSuite

You can send letters, emails or texts directly from the web-based system to the children or their parents right from within ChurchSuite, making it incredibly easy to stay in touch.

Keep track of growth

Monitor the growth of your Children's Ministry with ChurchSuite's Church Database Software

As your children's ministry grows you'll need to be aware of just how many children are signed up on any given Sunday. ChurchSuite puts that data at your fingertips.

Link households

Safely Store Families' Personal Details with Church Software from ChurchSuite

ChurchSuite links everyone who lives at the same address, as well as parents and children — across the Address Book and Children modules.

Organise your children

Record Children's Contact details with the ChurchSuite Contact Management System

Keep track of a range of age groups and stay on top of which children belong to which families — all from within your web-based church database management system.

Full church life participation

Children contacts can sign-up for events, join a small group and serve on teams in Rotas

Children contacts can fully participate in the life of your church - signing up for events and small groups, and serving on teams in the Rotas module.

Manage consents and medical info

Manage all your child consents, medical and special needs info in one place

Manage all your child consents, medical and special needs information in one place, and then share essential information appropriately with those staff and team that need to know.

Auto-sort age groups

Auto-suggesting groups to help manage your children's ministry

As children get older and move groups you'll want to keep track of which group they move to. ChurchSuite lets you automatically process groups and choose who goes where.

Tag children

Tags help organise your Children and Youth Ministries into manageable groups

Tags provide a powerful way to categorise children. Whilst groups are perfectly suited to Sunday children's ministry, tags help make mid-week trips and adhoc activities a breeze to manage.

Key dates

Track the discipleship journey of your children and young people using Key Dates

Track celebrations, anniversaries, achievements and important milestones for your children and youth ministries. See an overview of their integration and discipleship pathways.

Custom fields

Create custom fields for your children module contacts

Create custom fields unique to your Children module. Record information for fields that aren't included in ChurchSuite's default field structure. Custom fields are fully searchable and reportable.

Search for Children in your Children's Ministry Database

With ChurchSuite you can search for children based upon their name, address, email or telephone details, as well as those of their parents. Regardless of how you need to search, ChurchSuite has you covered.

Add Notes to children contacts. Notes are searchable and reportable. You can also restrict the visibility of Notes to all users, just the author, or a particular user group

Record Notes against your children contacts. Notes are fully searchable and reportable. When creating notes you can restrict their visibility - visible either to all module users, just the note author, or to a particular user group.

Create unlimited gatherings and groups for your Sunday services and mid-week children and youth ministries

Do you run different groups for your different services? Do you have mid-week groups as well? No problem! Create unlimited groups for each of your gatherings. You can even auto-assign children and young people to groups who match your age criteria.

Electronic child check-in for your church's Sunday school with ChurchSuite

With ChurchSuite's sophisticated child check-in feature, children are "checked in" to Sunday school electronically. Labels can be printed for the child and parent pick-up. This gives newcomers peace of mind that their children are safe and well looked after.

Produce printed registers, badges, and group summaries for manual group registration

ChurchSuite's electronic Check-in system is great. For churches that prefer manual registration, we've provided everything you need, from printed registers, name badges, and group summaries.

Customise the Children module to suit your church's ministry. Auto-assign Key Dates and Tags to new contacts.

Customise the ChurchSuite Children module to suit your church's ministry. Auto-assign key dates and tags to new contacts as they are added to your database. Reporting on these key dates and tags will help you engage with new families more effectively.

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