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Address Book
Church contact database management and church-wide communication made easy.

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See all your contacts in one view


Import contact data from CSV

Import contacts from your current church database system. Simply export them in CSV format and import them directly into ChurchSuite quickly and easily.


Send emails to your church members from the ChurchSuite church management system's church Address Book

Send emails to the whole or any part of your church directly through ChurchSuite. Create elegant branded and personalised communications. Monitor deliverability with open rate tracking.


Send texts via textlocal.co.uk

Integrate ChurchSuite with an SMS provider and send personalised or bulk messages to individuals, your whole church, or perhaps just to the groups of contacts you've selected. Fast, inexpensive communication.

Scheduled Communications

Compose and schedule your emails and SMS messages ahead of time

Plan ahead and stay organised by scheduling your email or SMS messages ahead of time. Now you can schedule the Sunday e-bulletin mid-week and it will deliver in time for the start of the Sunday service!

Fixed Tags

Group your church contacts by tagging them in the ChurchSuite Address Book for churches

Assign your own tags to contacts, then communicate with everyone associated with a particular tag - batch communication made simple with this online database system.

Smart Tags

A Smart Tag is a batch of conditions, which generate a variable list of people who satisfy the conditions.

A smart tag is a batch of conditions that generates a variable list of people who satisfy those conditions. Make more effective data-driven decisions by getting the answers from your data.


Flows help you manage people through repeating processes

Flows help you manage people through your church's processes - whether that be newcomer integration, an application process for a kids team or something entirely different!

Avery Labels

Print Avery labels

Sending hundreds of letters each month is a time consuming process — ChurchSuite's built-in Avery Label creator can save hours of labour each time.

Key Dates

Track key dates of church members to facilitate newcomer integration and discipleship

Add Key Dates such as "First Visit", "Baptism" or "Wedding" to your contacts. Use the information to monitor pathways of integration, discipleship, spiritual growth and pastoral care.

Custom Fields

Set up your own custom fields to suit your church needs

Create custom fields for your Address Book contacts to gather and store custom data. Custom fields are fully searchable and reportable throughout ChurchSuite.

Church Directory

Produce stunning church contact directories at the press of a button

Produce a stunning church contact directory at the press of a button. Choose what information to include or exclude. Export for collated printing or simply a PDF to distribute by email.


Manage your student ministry more effectively

Manage your student ministry more effectively. Help join students together based on their university, campus or course. Record students' home details to stay in touch with them outside of term time.

Privacy Settings

Manage privacy settings on a contact by contact basis

Manage privacy settings on a contact-by-contact basis. Church members can also manage their own privacy preferences in My ChurchSuite. Set 'opt out' to prevent accidental communications.


Archive contacts no longer attending

Manage your church database more effectively, archiving contacts when they move on from your church. Archived contacts can be subsequently reinstated or deleted if no longer required.

Customisable Module Settings

Customise your Address Book experience to suit your church

Customise your Address Book settings to suit your own church. Set which fields are visible and editable. Auto-assign Tags and Key Dates to new contacts. Set default privacy settings. You can even rename the modules!

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