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Small Groups
Small Group management and church statistic generation - all from one system!

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Small Group Management in ChurchSuite, the Church Database Solution

View group members

View Group Members in your LifeGroups, Home Groups or Small Groups

By linking directly to an individual's details in the Address Book (church database system), the Small Groups module makes it easy to keep track of who's in which group.

Monitor your growth

Track Church Growth in your Small Groups from ChurchSuite

Keeping on top of how many people are in small groups can be a daunting task, but ChurchSuite makes it simple to gather statistics over time and generate reports from that data.

Stay in touch

Keep in Contact with Group Members via ChurchSuite

Send a text, email or a good old-fashioned letter right from the church management system, targetting just the members of one or more small groups, all from a single page.

Cluster groups

Gather Small Groups into Clusters via ChurchSuite, Church Management Software

Grouping small groups can be a great way to stay on top of the diverse range of groups often found in a church, ChurchSuite helps you by allowing you to communicate on a cluster basis.

Small group roles

Assign Small Group Leaders, Small Group Worship Leaders or Small Group Hosts from ChurchSuite

From small group leaders to worship leaders, there are often numerous roles within a small group and ChurchSuite makes it simple to track and communicate with each of them.

Stay on the same page

Add notes, images and other details to your Church Small Group Database

It can be difficult to keep multiple members of staff on the same page but ChurchSuite's small group notes function keeps everyone updated.    

Custom fields

Add custom fields to your small group module. Record custom or group classification information about your small groups

Set up custom fields for your small groups. Ideal for classifying groups by a particular focus, or for highlighting groups that are suitable for newcomers or new believers.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead with ChurchAp's Small Groups module.

With ChurchSuite's Small Groups module you can plan ahead - get ready for next term ahead of time.

Keep track of the day

Track Small Group, House Group or Cell Group Meeting Times with ChurchSuite

Knowing when each group meets is crucial in helping people find a small group, which is why ChurchSuite lets you record the day and time each small group meets.

Small group tags

Organise your Small Groups, House Groups or Cell Groups into tags with ChurchSuite and easily communicate with them

Organise your small groups into tags, such as "Missional Community" or "Social Group" - flexibility to suit the needs of your church!

Produce stunning flyers

Produce stunning looking small group flyers for printing

Produce stunning looking small group flyers for printing; each beatifully styled and branded to your church. Module options allow you to customise the content of your finished flyers.

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