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Church Attendance Tracking - Reports
Full church attendance database configuration, church growth tracking and reporting.

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Beautiful graphs make it easy to understand what the data is saying about your church

Attendance Reports

Reports help you pull out key information and stats from your church attendance database at the click of a button. Each report is customisable, allowing you to query tags, dates and the locations of members in your church attendance database.

Report - Graph Generator

ChurchSuite Graph Generator

ChurchSuite makes it easy to spot trends over time, allowing you to compare categories and totals over whatever time period you choose.

ChurchSuite's Graph Generator creates beautiful interactive graphs helping you understand your data.

Report - Monthly Breakdown

Monthly church attendance breakdown

Weekly attendance doesn't just sit in isolation, which is why ChurchSuite allows you to group it for comparison by month.

ChurchSuite's Monthly Breakdown report helps you visualise how attendance is spread across your attendance categories.

Report - Attendance Summary

View your church attendance in grid format

If you record your weekly attendance on a person-by-person basis, it's likely you'd like to see that in one clean and simple view.

ChurchSuite's Attendance Summary report shows the last 4-12 weeks of attendance for all your contacts.

Report - Attendance Averages

Show average church attendance by contact group

If you have organised your church into various sub-groups, then you will love this report.

ChurchSuite's Attendance Averages report enables you to track attendance and see statistics for each contact group you have created.

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