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Customer Review Church Management Software review by James Yeates.

ChurchSuite was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 173 reviews so far

Invaluable set of tools for churches of any size

Rating: https://churchsuite.com/reviews ChurchSuite 5  

I have seen a measurable improvement in the effectiveness of our communication to members and contacts in our church since using the software.

I believe ChurchSuite will greatly help us going forward as we look to grow as a community and help us to manage connections with a greater number of people.

I have also been very satisfied with the level of help from the ChurchSuite team who have responded quickly and positively to queries and even been open to some new feature requests.

James Yeates, Associate Vicar | St Thomas with St Stephen

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ChurchSuite has improved efficiency, freed up time in the office and looks very professional.

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Tracy Laffar, Parish Secretary | Cranleigh and Bramley Parish

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