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Customer Review Church Management Software review by Graham Criddle.

ChurchSuite was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 171 reviews so far

A powerful tool for integrated administration and coordination across the church

Rating: https://churchsuite.com/reviews ChurchSuite 4  

One of the great strengths of ChurchSuite is how it links so many things together - information about people, groups within the church, rotas, events, resources and much more.

Being able to access all these things from a single, consistent, interface is a really powerful capability and simplifies so many areas of church life.

Graham Criddle, Senior Leader | West Street Christian Fellowship

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Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Alan Meyer, Senior Pastor | Elim Community Church, Carlisle

We've seen the promised land!

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Alistair Kent, Pastor | The Rock Church

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