Review: Dominic Newstead
A fantastic database tool that really is designed around how a church wants to use it.

WE've really valued having church suite. It means that all our information is easily accessible by church leaders, and its ability to integrate calenders, events and website mean that there are huge time savings in only having to do things once.

We've really valued using the rotas which was such a time consuming job before, and allows people to see what they are doing months ahead, and to organise themselves, manage swaps, etc.

We've gone at it slowly, adding different modules bit by bit rather than trying to do everything at once. We've also had people working on understanding the new modules (making use of the free trials) so that we know how they work before going live with them.

We've also appreciated the training which has helped us understand how to do what we do better, whilst giving us the confidence to run with new modules. It was definitely time well spent.

Whilst some of our older church members were daunted at first, we've been patient, giving lots of opportunities for them to come with tablet or phone and learn how to use it. Six months down the line, only one of our 199 users has given up and opted out. We're glad we've stuck with it despite the early hesitation of some.

Dominic Newstead
Christ Church Little Heath | Vicar
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A powerful tool for integrated administration and coordination across the church
Graham Criddle
West Street Christian Fellowship | Senior Leader
Helpful, very accessible and meets our needs
Alan Meyer
Elim Community Church, Carlisle | Senior Pastor
ChurchSuite's functionality and ease of use is amazing; I'm loving it!
Paula McNeight
Bethel Baptist Church | Church Administrator
Amazing program that allows you to connect efficiently and professionally!
Iolanda Robin
Bible Faith Family of Churches | Administrative Assistant
Superb system that allows us to immediately make a difference to our church processes with options to add more when we need to.
Sylvia McCartney
High Kirk Presbyterian Church | Congregational Committee
ChurchSuite is great!
Jackie Mills
Jubilee Church | Leadership Team
Brilliant, constantly improving and developing helping our church increase in our efficiency
Alice Smith
Trinity Life Church | Operations Manager & Worship Pastor
A great communication tool
Lesley Dinwoodie
Peter Cocking
Destiny Church | Assistant Business Operations Manager
A great system which has helped us immensely. Customer service is really helpful.
Paul Collins
Immanuel Church Chichester | Minister
ChurchSuite is fantastic and a great ministry tool!
Martin Dyer
Trinity Church, Lewes | Associate Minister
It's fantastically helpful!
Jennie Short
St John the Baptist, Burscough | Operations Manager
Excellent church management software with great options for churches with multiple campuses!
Felicity Wright
Gate Church International | Church Administrator
ChurchSuite is everything and more!
Elandi Jooné
Every Nation Paarl | Office Administrator & Communications Officer
An efficient and well maintained site that has made church life much easier to co-ordinate.
Shelley Gregory
Refresh Church | Co Ordinator/Adminstrator
Extremely polished and with great support
Andrew Minter
St Jude's Church Southsea | Chief Information Officer
Peter Munyao
River of God Church | Pastor
ChurchSuite anticipates pretty much everything I need! :)
Simon Taylor
Grace Church | Operations Manager
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