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 Church Admin Software that supports your church and extends God's kingdom

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Why use ChurchSuite?

  • ChurchSuite is church admin software that supports your church and extends God's kingdom.
  • ChurchSuite helps you keep your church contact information organised and use it to make data-informed decisions.
  • ChurchSuite allows you to share contact data appropriately and securely for greater team collaboration among users.
  • ChurchSuite helps pastors, leaders and administrators to track and manage people through your church's newcomer and discipleship pathways.
  • ChurchSuite includes free, full-function iOS and Android "apps" for Smartphones and Tablets. Now you can access your church database wherever you are!
  • ChurchSuite has a great member-facing system called "My ChurchSuite", which promotes deeper engagement in the life and activity of your church among your members.
  • ChurchSuite is fully scaleable to suit churches of all sizes. It's also modular, so you only pay for the modules you need.

Our Modules

Address Book

Address Book module

Manage adult contacts, mass emails, SMS and powerful reporting.

  • Print Avery address labels and church directories
  • Send personalised emails to individuals and groups
  • Text church members updates and prayer requests
  • Intelligent, auto-updating reports — helping you to understand your congregation better
  • See all features of the Address Book


Children module

Children management, child check-in system, child attendance statistics.

  • Automatically process childrens' age groups
  • In-built child check-in system for children and team members
  • See the full family picture
  • Easily communicate with both children and their parents by email, SMS and post
  • Stay on top of child consents and important medical/special needs
  • See all features of the Children module

Small Groups

Small Groups module

Visualise groups and members, track group attendance, monitor small group health.

  • Graphically visualise groups and members
  • Send Email and SMS messages to group leaders and/or members
  • Enable members to browse open groups online or in My ChurchSuite and even sign-up
  • Empower group leaders to submit attendance data about their groups securely online
  • See all features of the Small Groups module


Bookings module

Easily manage room and resource bookings - no more clashes!

  • See what's booked on our beautiful planner
  • Define which resources can be booked
  • Restrict resources to only be bookable by specific user groups
  • Customise booking form questions to get the right answers about a booking
  • See all features of the Bookings module


Rotas module

Know who's serving when and where, send automated email and SMS reminders.

  • Automated email and SMS reminders
  • Enable team members to organise swaps online
  • Create rotas that team members can sign up to
  • Celebrate milestones through serving history
  • Increase member engagement by matching serving opportunities with available members
  • See all features of the Rotas module


Calendar module

Stay on top of church events and staff leave/HR. Embed your events calendar into your website!

  • Enable event sign-up by SMS
  • Allow church members to browse the church calendar online and then sign-up for free and pay events
  • Track staff leave and sickness
  • Identify and communicate with members who attended a specific event
  • See all features of the Calendar module


Giving module

Manage the details of those giving financially to your church.

  • Take 'one-time' and recurring donations online via credit/debit card and even Direct Debit
  • Gift Aid (UK) and tax deductible donation processing and reporting in just a few clicks!
  • Track pledged amounts, with income automatically projected
  • One-click financial statement reports
  • See all features of the Giving module


Attendance module

Monitor your church's growth over time — powerful and beautiful automated graphs.

  • Monitor individuals' attendance at your church services and gatherings
  • Spot attendance trends over time
  • Powerful and beautiful automated graphs
  • Keep church growth statistics close to hand, enabling key pastoral decisions
  • See all features of the Attendance module



Control the configuration of your ChurchSuite account, customising it to meet your needs.

  • Create an unlimited number of users
  • Organise your users into groups
  • Manage third-party integrations for services such as online giving and SMS messaging
  • Customise the setup and language of your ChurchSuite account
  • See our API and JSON page

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