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If you'd like to make use of our logo in a way that promotes ChurchSuite in an appropriate manner, you're in the right place! We're proud of our logo and ask that you treat it with respect and don't alter or make changes to it in any way. Please don't make changes to the colour nor stretch or skew it in any way. Please don't ever use it to defame a third party or any other manner that could be considered to be inflammatory.
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Whenever possible, please use our blue logo, where the triangular sections of the emblem contain solid white. If you are placing our logo against a dark background, it is acceptable to use our white/black logos where the triangular sections of the emblem are transparent.
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Whilst we would prefer that you use our full logo, we understand that due to space restrictions this is not always possible; in these circumstances, our emblem can be used. Wherever possible, please use our blue emblem, however our white and black emblems are available as alternatives.
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Dove Grey
Soft Green
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