Ongoing Updates: 16th February - 5th April 2023
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 16th February 2023 and 5th April 2023.


February 21st, 2023 Prevent bookings with paid-online charges being deleted

We identified a scenario whereby it was possible to delete a booking that had a paid-online charge (e.g. paid by the customer through Stripe) associated with it. We have now closed this loophole, meaning that for auditing purposes, it is no longer possible to delete bookings with paid-online charges.

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February 22nd, 2023 Rota-level reminder customisation

We have changed the way that rota reminders are customised. Any reminder default settings at a ministry level still apply when new rotas are added, but you now have complete customisability on a per-rota basis - ideal for adding a rota-specific reminder message or choosing a different sending schedule for a particular rota. To see the changes in action, click through to a rota "View" page and note the new options to edit and customise the Email and SMS reminder for that rota.

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March 6th, 2023 Rota add multiple dates

Rotas module users can now add multiple dates to a rota within a future date range populating teams in rotation. It's the perfect way to extend an existing rota without needing to start a new one.

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March 29th, 2023 Booking Prices

From conversations with booking admins, we know that you can sometimes feel like you're adding the same set of charges to bookings on a regular basis. On top of this, managing a consistent price list can be a tricky thing to do, especially when there are different people involved in the process. Today, we're pleased to launch a new addition to the Bookings module, the Prices section - standardised price lists and ensuring charges don't get forgotten or overlooked just got a lot simpler!

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