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Coding for the Kingdom
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On Friday night, 75 designers, developers, and technologists gathered in London for the annual Kingdom Code BUILD event, a "24 hour hackathon where Christians in the world of technology & innovation meet to practically explore how their faith and skills collide."

At the event, 10 great projects were pitched from a range of individuals and Christian ministries, one of which was an idea by ChurchSuite. We know that when teams know and understand the God-given abilities each individual has, they're able to work more effectively together. The concept we pitched sought to make it possible to gather together personality test data from Working Genius, Myers Briggs and Enneagram into a platform that could help church/charity staff teams gain insights into how their teams work, helping to facilitate effective teamwork.

Working Genius test tool proof of concept

Over the course of 24 hours, 8 different people from across companies including ChurchSuite worked on this project, and at the end of the next evening each project had the opportunity to present the progress they made.

Tool for church teams to do personality tests proof of concept

We were really pleased with how this proof of concept came together and the part everyone played in making it possible. It remains a proof of concept, but we can see the benefits it could bring to staff teams and intend to continue exploring the idea in the coming months.

Working Genius tool for churches proof of concept

Overall, BUILD was a fantastic opportunity for ChurchSuite to come together with other Christians who work in technologies across a range of companies - from smaller digital agencies to larger blue chip companies.

We were able to be part of a kingdom-loving atmosphere where designers and developers were able to use their skills to glorify God. And we thought some excellent work was done on the variety of projects that took part!

ChurchSuite Team at Kingdom Code BUILD

We look forward to being part of the Kingdom Code community going forward and taking part in a future BUILD event!

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