Small Groups
Small Group management for churches – software that helps build community.
Small Group management for churches – find out how ChurchSuite helps build community.
Built for small groups ministry
ChurchSuite provides you with all the tools necessary to support and build a thriving small groups ministry in your church.
Communicate with groups or clusters of groups
Grouping small groups can be a great way to stay on top of and communicate with the diverse range of groups often found in a church.
Small group sign-up built in
Let your church members or newcomers sign-up to small groups through the ChurchSuite app or on your website.
Embed small groups in your website
Make your small groups accessible on your website using our beautifully crafted embeddable small groups list or map.
Produce stunning flyers
Stunning small group flyers for printing; each beautifully styled and branded to your church.
Monitor growth and plan ahead
Great statistics and helpful reports support you as you plan ahead and provide groups-based pastoral care.
Organise groups in groups
Once you've organised your people in groups, it can be useful to "group your groups"! With ChurchSuite you can gather your groups in clusters, or organise them in tags, all of which gives you lots of flexibility.
Assign small group roles
Create roles for some of your small group members, like "Leader" or "Worship leader" and then communicate with group members by role.
Group capacity
Get a helpful, up-to-the-minute visual overview of the capacity of your small groups. View actual sign-ups vs. available capacity, then direct people to those groups with available capacity.
Stay on top of birthdays
Everyone likes celebrating birthdays! ChurchSuite makes it easy to stay on top of the birthdays of the people in your small groups.
The data you need
Whether it's demographic stats or geographic data: ChurchSuite gives you beautiful visuals to help you stay on top of the hard facts!
Submit attendance data
Let your group leaders submit attendance data easily and quickly. Your small group leaders or other designated persons can use the app to submit the data for their groups every week.
Multi-site enabled
Are you a multi-site church? Every area of ChurchSuite is built around supporting and enabling multi-site churches, helping you to manage complex church structures.
Start your free trial today!
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