Claim Gift Aid, take online donations and manage your church's regular giving.
Online giving tools
Online giving by Direct Debit, card or SMS built in. Build giving pages, embed giving forms in your website or encourage your members to give through the app.
Tax-deductible donation processing
Easily manage your church members' Gift Aid declarations. Create Gift Aid declarations and link them to all funds a giver donates money to, or specific funds if needed.
Giving campaigns
Whether you're raising funds for a building project or to support a church plant – set up giving funds to make it easy for your church members to support a specific project.
Giving as a discipleship issue
Giving to your local church is an important discipleship issue. That’s why we’ve built tools to help churches as they seek to encourage their members to grow in this area.
Build relationships with givers
Prioritise supporter relationship management – engage and develop givers in or outside your church.
Great financial reporting
Maintain an overview of how financial giving is developing in the life of your church by using our excellent reports.
Adapting to your situation
Church admins
All the tools you need to build relationships with givers, manage Gift Aid, and maintain an overview of giving in your church.
Approach giving as a discipleship issue as you build a generous culture in your church.
Church members
You're in control of your giving as you give joyfully to the ministry of a well-run church.
Leadership teams
When it comes to your members' data, safety and security are essential. When it comes to their giving data, the sensitivity is even higher.
Gift Aid declarations
Easily manage your church members' Gift Aid declarations. Create Gift Aid declarations and link them to all funds a giver donates money to, or specific funds if needed. For example, you could claim "Regular Giving" donations, but not donations for "Building Giving".
Upload bank statements
Upload your bank statements to ChurchSuite to import your giving data and automatically reconcile it with the right givers and funds. Staying up-to-date with your church's giving data could not be easier!
Giving pledges
Set up giving pledges for your givers on ChurchSuite. Whether the pledge is to support a missionary, to contribute to a building fund, or for regular giving – easily track start and end dates, total pledged and monthly amounts.
Online giving forms
The Giving module simplifies online giving via your website. Setting up one-off or regular donations could not be simpler or quicker. If the giver is already in your ChurchSuite address book, a lot of the information is pre-filled for them.
Give through the app
Enables your church members to give through their ChurchSuite app for iOS or Android. This lowers hurdles to giving while helping your members maintain an overview.
Email giving statements
To help make it as easy as possible to keep your givers up to date on their donations, the Giving module gives you the ability to email them a statement of all their donations for a specified period.
Module passwords
Keep your giving records confidential by adding a module password as a second level of authentication for users.
Multi-site enabled
Are you a multi-site church? Every area of ChurchSuite is built around supporting and enabling multi-site churches, helping you to manage complex church structures.
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