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GDPR-ready - data protection by design in every module
ChurchSuite has everything you need to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018

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We believe that data protection is not simply an issue of having to comply with the law, but an opportunity for churches to treat people and their personal data with excellence. That's why we have worked hard to develop features and functionality that enable your church to be at the forefront of best practice, leading the way in terms of respecting and protecting your members' data. Importantly, ChurchSuite has everything you need to help your church best comply with the GDPR.

Manage ongoing data consent

Easily manage ongoing consent for those in your church

ChurchSuite makes it really easy to gain ongoing consent to process personal data of those in your Address Book and Children module. Send church members a consent request and then easily manage and evidence their responses.

Display your privacy notice

Your church's privacy notice is displayed on all public-facing forms where people submit personal data

All of ChurchSuite's public-facing forms, where people submit personal data, include your church's privacy notice and a clear 'opt in' confirmation statement that people have read, understood and accept your privacy notice.

Unsubscribe option in all emails

People can easily manage their communication preferences from the unsubscribe link in the footer of all ChurchSuite emails

All emails sent through ChurchSuite include an unsubscribe option in the email footer. Email recipients can easily manage their communication preferences or unsubscribe entirely.

Always know how data was created

Easily track how data is first created in your ChurchSuite account and the changes made by users and church members

Whether personal data was added by a user or a church member, there's a clear audit trail detailing how the person's data was first added and all the changes made since.

Double consent confirmations

A double consent confirmation email is sent whenever personal data is submitted through a ChurchSuite public-facing form

Whenever a person submits data through any of ChurchSuite's public-facing forms, they'll always receive a confirmation email confirming the data they submitted. These emails also serve as evidence of their consent.

Granular privacy settings

Church members have granular control over their privacy settings, choosing how much or little to share with other church members in My ChurchSuite

Church members have granular control over how much or little of their contact details are visible to other members in the member-facing My ChurchSuite platform.

"Right to be forgotten" workflow

People can invoke their GDPR 'right to be forgotten', triggering helpful notifications so that you can action their request

My ChurchSuite includes "right-to-be-forgotten" functionality that triggers a notification to your church's data protection contact so that you can respond both pastorally and compliantly.

Restrict unnecessary reporting

Easily enable or disable reports for which your church isn't collecting personal data

Disable reports that are not being used, so that your users aren't reporting on data that is outside of your "purposes for processing".

GDPR-compliant terms of service

GDPR-ready terms of service

Our terms of service are already GDPR-ready, providing you the Data Controller with that all-important written contract that you need with your Data Processor.

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