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Customer Review Church Management Software review by Paul de Ridder.

ChurchSuite was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 173 reviews so far

Everything we had hoped for and more, plus amazing support.

Rating: https://churchsuite.com/reviews ChurchSuite 5  

ChurchSuite is providing a stable and easy-to-use platform for our database and email communications with our church members. The Calendar module has proven to be an invaluable tool in organising all our events and services using the embed on our new website. And finally the Rota module is brilliant to set up and monitor our readers rota.

Well done ChurchSuite and "Thank you"!

Paul de Ridder, Communication Advisor | St Stephen Walbrook

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The most flexible way of communicating with my congregation I've come across!

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Gareth Leyshon, Parish Priest | RC Archdiocese of Cardiff

ChurchSuite is easy and intuitive to use and the support articles are so helpful for learning about all the options and features.

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Elise Carpenter, Office Manager & Communications Specialist | Calvary Presbyterian Church in America

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