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Customer Review Church Management Software review by John Harrison

ChurchSuite was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 173 reviews so far

Very helpful and so easy to use

Rating: https://churchsuite.com/reviews ChurchSuite 5  

A few months ago we were starting to think about ways of getting our church records better organised, accessible to the people who needed to be able to see them and securely backed up. We were hitting problems with the limits on the number of people you could send out an email to using Gmail, and also wanted to better integrate our church calendar held in an Excel spreadsheet with our website events list to avoid having to make changes in two places with the associated risk of ending up with discrepancies between them.

Moving to ChurchSuite has addressed all these issues for us in one fell swoop, and made everything so much easier to view and to maintain in a single place. It is so easy and intuitive to use.

I especially like the new Smart Tags feature, allowing us to do quite complex database searches and I am still exploring how it can be of help to us.

John Harrison, Administrator | New City Church MK

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A great system that keeps improving

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Trevor Homfray-Cooper, Leader | Bridge Church Lincoln

So much more than just an address book

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Scott West, Media Designer & IT Administrator | World Harvest Bible Church

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