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I can't imagine life without ChurchSuite

Children's ministry software for church admins

Built for children's ministry administration

Working with young people places its own demands on church admins, such as keeping track of age groups, dietary requirements, and family situations, to name a few!

That's why we've built the Children module specifically around the real needs of real children's ministries.

Communicate with parents or children

Sometimes you need to communicate with certain groups of children.  Sometimes you need to write to their parent. And other times, you need to do both at once!

ChurchSuite understands the family picture and helps you communicate really well, really easily.

Get more done in less time

In our experience, church administrators frequently find that they have more work than fits their hours. But what if it were possible to spend significantly less time while accomplishing far more than before?

Once you've discovered the beauty of auto-processing children's age groups (to name just one of the many wonderful time-saving features we've built) you'll never look back!

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A thriving children's and young people ministry involves not just the children's leader and volunteers but the church admin office too.
It's simple, it's clean, it works and does everything you need it to do
Matt Cornish
Hope Church Ipswich | Operations Manager
Makes our daily, weekly, annual, and one-off work flows for managing our church so much easier
Daniel Bishop
St Saviour's Church, Guildford | Operations Director
Ideal for communications, teams and rotas in our parish
Rev Steve Stewart
Cove Parish | Associate Rector
It made my life as a children's pastor so much easier
Jaynie Kendall
St. Giles' and St. George's Ashtead | Leader of Children and Families
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