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A cleaner, snappier, more personal user experience
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As excited as we are to introduce new features and functionality to the ChurchSuite platform, we're just as determined to ensure that we keep working on the core user experience. Over recent months, we've overhauled various parts of ChurchSuite, in particular index and search pages as well as the reports in most of the system. In doing this, we focussed on improving the user interface, increasing performance, and adding more customisability.

A cleaner user interface

When you're using ChurchSuite, especially when you're on the go using your phone, readability of information is essential. We know the importance of seeing content that's relevant, uncluttered and presented clearly. The new Search functionality now makes it easier to search or further filter your data to find just what you're looking for, with matching results showing just the information that's important to you.

Advanced search filters in ChurchSuite

Longer lists of results are paginated for performance, but did you know that you can easily increase the pagination to see more results on a page - ideal if you want to use batch actions to perform a task on multiple selected rows of data? Fewer pages mean fewer batches of actions!

We've also been modernising Reports to give a cleaner user interface with easy-to-use filters and improved accessibility. You no longer need to click "Generate" to apply a change of filter - report results now refresh dynamically as filters are applied, making for a much smoother user experience.

New useful report filters in ChurchSuite

Increased performance

We've always been proud of the platform's overall performance. Our developers work hard to keep the engines running smoothly and efficiently, but recently we've been doing more to make things even snappier for users! We've carefully reevaluated the information that gets loaded into a list or report page - adding helpful information that wasn't previously shown and removing unnecessary information that was less relevant to the context. Behind each page and report, the logic that controls content has been further optimised and many users have already commented on the noticeable improvement these tweaks have made; especially on Reports.

User customisation

We recognise that different users often want to see different information at a glance when they're working with lists of information. We've begun introducing customisable columns, which enable you to choose which columns of information are most important to you. Helpfully, your column choices are remembered on your device, which means your column preferences persist if you leave and later return to an index list, and even if you log out.

We really hope all these ongoing improvements are making your user experience of ChurchSuite feel more intuitive, more efficient, and more personal!

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