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Embed a Free/Busy Resource Planner in your website
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We're super excited to let you know about the next update for the Bookings module: the brand new embeddable Free/Busy Resource Planner! The embeddable Planner has been designed to help your customers check resource availability directly on your website before making a booking - a task that was previously dependent on your Booking Administrator.

The ChurchSuite Bookings Resource Planner

Important events in the lives of your church members or parishioners

With an embedded planner in your website the availability of select resources can be made known to anyone. Whether a member of the local community is looking to organise a wedding, funeral or children's party finding the right date and venue is the first step.

Imagine, for instance, a future bride and groom sit down one evening to find the right date for their wedding. With the free/busy planner embedded in your website; rather than waiting until the next day to phone the church office, they can check availability and start planning the big day right away.

Create embed configurations for the Bookings Resource Planner

Create embed configurations

The free/busy planner uses our new embed configurations which you may already be using on the small groups page of your website.

Easily update embedded items directly in ChurchSuite without having to edit your website

Once you've chosen the resources to display, and you're happy with the way it looks, simply paste the line of code provided by ChurchSuite into your website. That's it! Any relevant changes to bookings recorded in ChurchSuite will automatically and immediately appear on your website - there's no need to update two different places whenever a booking is made.

An embedded planner configuration can also be edited at any time within ChurchSuite. Simple tasks like adding or removing a resource from your website can be done without needing to log in to the back-end or copying and pasting any more code.

You can create as many embed configurations as you want for various applications. This is ideal where you want to share a specific planner for meeting rooms at your church with staff and core leaders. Or perhaps you have a different page on your website for each of the 'halls' at your church centre - there are so many possibilities.

Live demo -

Why don't you take a look at this for yourself - we've included it (and all the other things you can embed) in our demo website:

We believe this tool will help many churches save admin time, enable more ministry, and create a better experience for all involved! And, as ever - if you have any more questions, do get in touch.

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