Ongoing Updates: 25th November - 11th January 2023
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 25th November 2022 and 11th January 2023.


November 25th, 2022 Booking charges indicator

When viewing a booking, there's a new indicator on the "Charges" tab to show you the number of charges linked to the booking - you no longer need to click the tab to see the number!

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November 30th, 2022 Bookings 'Full Details' CSV file format update

We've implemented an update to the Full Details report CSV download in the Bookings module. The change resolves two previous issues where a booked resource spans more than one date, and where a booked resource is assigned multiple times to the same booking at different times and dates. The CSV file now includes the full booked resource date and time range and uses 'dash separation' in the data where there is more than one instance of the same resource for a booking. We also now only include a Site column in the CSV file where an account has multiple sites. While this update resolves two previous constraints, the change in the data format within the CSV file columns for booked resource dates and times may cause a breaking change to any third-party applications that make use of the CSV file - for example, a central heating controller that uses the booked resource start and end dates/times to control the central heating.

December 5th, 2022 'Direct Debit' is now 'Bacs - Direct debit'

With a growing number of international customers now using direct debit schemes for collecting donations, 'Direct Debit' donations taken through GoCardless are now listed as 'Bacs - Direct debit' donations for UK accounts. This change is seen visually in all reports listing donations and the donation method, 'Method' filters on reports, and on Gift Aid claims.

December 6th, 2022 Batch resend event invites

You can now batch resend event invites to your filtered list of event invitees from event view. Need to send a reminder invitation to 'pending' and 'opened' invitees who are yet to respond? Now you can!

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December 6th, 2022 Batch communicate with event invites

You can now use batch actions to communicate via email and SMS with event invites directly from the invites list on event view.

December 6th, 2022 Module password setting

For all modules, enabling and disabling the module password is now found within the module options under the "Module" tab. Previously, it was possible to access this setting through a padlock icon in the navigation; this icon has now been removed.

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December 7th, 2022 Instant Bank Pay through GoCardless Direct Debit

Donate givers can now make use of 'Instant Bank Pay' through GoCardless when doing a 'Direct Debit' one-off donation or a 'Direct Debit' recurring donation that starts immediately. 'Instant Bank Pay' requires the donor to authorise the donation through their banking app and funds will go directly to you via GoCardless so there's no delay in the transaction.

December 19th, 2022 Modernising Claim form

We've modernised the process of adding a Claim in the Giving module. Whilst the functionality remains the same, the flow of adding a Claim has been updated to match with the same flow of adding other data, with the form loading in a modal window.

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January 9th, 2023 Granular Visibility Options for Ministry members

Rota ministry members can now control their privacy settings for each ministry they belong to through a new "Edit my visibility" option on the rota page in My ChurchSuite. Members can optionally choose to override their default privacy settings, giving them granular control over which details are visible to other members of that ministry. Rota module users can also manage a ministry member's visibility settings on behalf of a ministry member. We've also added a My ChurchSuite option in the module's settings, enabling you to further customise the message shown on the "Edit my visibility" pop-up.

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