ChurchSuite webinars: free training opportunity for your team
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The journey so far

Just like so many of you, we've found that we've had to significantly adapt our methods in this season! Faced with the reality of having to cancel or postpone our planned training events, we decided to try something a little different: webinars. And the response has been overwhelming. Over the past four weeks, we've very much enjoyed connecting with so many of you through our webinars - over 1600 participants so far! And this is not the end - there are more webinars planned this as well as next week.

Incredible feedback

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, and especially to more than 140 of you who sent us incredible feedback! This has enabled us to adapt and learn, as well as being incredibly encouraged by the response. Here's a small selection of comments we've received:"I was impressed and inspired to see your heart for ministry and pastoral care that underpins the whole system""I found it really useful being able to see everything demonstrated on the screen at the same time as hearing the explanations""I am so impressed by the functionality of ChurchSuite - it feels as if it will take me a long time to explore all that we are able to do with it. Thank you, too, for the fantastic way that you provide support for the churches that use your software - through the webinars, the support articles and your great responsive email customer support.""All very informative ... There is so much more that CS can do that I hadn't discovered before."

What now?

We have a number of Giving-module related webinars taking place this week or next week, and will be looking to run more webinars on other topics in the autumn. If you're interested in one of the upcoming webinars, head over to our webinar page and sign up: any webinars you missed, or if you took part and want to watch the video again, feel free to check out the videos at any time here: exists to supports your church, extend God's kingdom - this is why we're really happy about this opportunity to do exactly that! Thank you to the webinar team, and thank you to everyone who participated!

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