Ongoing Updates: 16th September - 13th October 2017
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 16th September - 13th October 2017.


  • 13-Oct-2017 - Duplicating users

    Administrators can now duplicate a user to copy signatures, user groups, sites and module permissions onto a new user.

  • 13-Oct-2017 - User permissions report is now site specific

    The Permissions report is not multi-site enabled, meaning that you can now view the report for a specific site, or as "All Sites" - helpful when you need to filter down an account with lots of users to see just the permissions for one of your sites.

  • 13-Oct-2017 - Mandrill integration multiple domains

    We've made it even easier to verify multiple domains on your account. You can now add another domain from within the mandrill integration screen without needing to reset the whole integration.

  • 13-Oct-2017 - New navigation for Calendar and Planner

    We've added some more navigation buttons to the calendar and bookings planner at the bottom of the page. Really handy for large planners where scroll is a necessity.

  • 12-Oct-2017 - Forwarding branded emails

    When you forward an email from within ChurchSuite, it the email was previously sent using either a Branded Slimline or a Branded Header template, that template will now be pre-selected for you when the email compose screen loads.

  • 12-Oct-2017 - GoCardless Pro Upgrade

    We've upgraded our GoCardless integration to make way for new giving module functionality in the future. As a result of this you'll now see that your GoCardless integration has become a GoCardless Pro integration (Administrator > Integrations).

  • 03-Oct-2017 - Improved workflow for resolving claimed donation errors

    We've made it easier to reverse donations and/or refund gift aid when a mistake has been made on a donation but the Gift Aid has already been claimed and the donation is locked. So if you've claimed for the wrong giver you can now reverse the donation and refund the gift aid and then re-process the donation to the correct giver and claim in the usual way. And if a previously claimed donation is no longer claimable for any reason (e.g. changed tax circumstances of the giver), you can simply choose to refund the gift aid. In both scenarios, overclaimed gift aid pulls through to your next gift aid claim to HMRC and the refund offset against the claim amount.

  • 02-Oct-2017 - Donation Recent Changes report

    We've added a new report to the Giving module which allows you to view all changes to your donations in a given date range and within selected tags. You can report by either the date range of when the donations were changed or when the donations were created.

  • 29-Sep-2017 - New Smart Tag conditions

    You can now create conditions for contacts and children in both a small group and role at the same time, in a cluster and role at the same time, in a tag and role at the same time. This addresses a previous known issue that produced unexpected results when matching on group and role as separate conditions.

    Also new, you can no match givers who have given recently to a specific fund.

  • 28-Sep-2017 - Pay on arrival tickets

    When creating tickets for an event, you can now specify a ticket price but set the ticket to be "Pay on arrival". When signing up for the event, no payment processing will take place, but the sign-up will be saved and confirmed by email. Through the event check-in system, you're able to mark a sign-up as having paid at the point of check-in.

  • 27-Sep-2017 - Duplicate contact detection in Flows

    We've extended "duplicate contact" detection to Flows so that when setting a 'pending' status contact active prior to processing, you'll be alerted if there's a potential duplicate already in your Address Book. This will help if a newcomer connects via your website, but is already in your Address Book.

  • 25-Sep-2017 - Unavailability clash notifications

    We now send an email to ministry overseers when a rota member adds unavailability through My ChurchSuite which causes a clash.

  • 19-Sep-2017 - Group suggestions

    Helping church members find a small group that's right for them can be tricky when your church runs a large number of different groups. To help with this process, we've built a new "Suggest groups" tool that lets you choose a contact and search for groups that might be a good fit for them. We use a combination of distance, age, sex and marital status to indicate which groups might fit, allowing you to choose which groups flyers you'd like to email through to the person.

  • 19-Sep-2017 - Add to group

    We've added a new action to group pages, "Add to small group", which streamlines the process of adding new members with or without roles. You can also send a confirmation email if one is setup for the group. "Add to small group" has also been added to contact profile pages and tag pages in the Address Book.

  • 19-Sep-2017 - My ChurchSuite menu customisation

    From within module options, on a module-by-module basis you can customise the names of sections with My ChurchSuite. For example you could change "My Groups" to be "My Hubs" or "My Rotas" to be "Teams and Serving".

  • 19-Sep-2017 - Flow batch actions

    From within any Flow you can now batch process actions for multiple people. This allows you to manage your Flows faster.

  • 18-Sep-2017 - Calendar Missing Data Report

    We've added a new report to the Calendar module that allows you to find events with missing data, such as; description, overseers, location, image and tickets.


My ChurchSuite

  • 09-Oct-2017 - Child check-in QR codes for your regular families

    Whenever a child check-in session is active, a QR code is now visible in the My Children section of My ChurchSuite for parents with linked children, providing a new and very quick way for parents to scan, locate and check-in their children. This is a great alternative to barcode check-in, saving the need to maintain barcode numbers against children profiles and the need to supply parents with a barcode. No more unexpected items in the bagging area!


​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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