ChurchApp is now ChurchSuite!
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Update 16th June - some useful resources for you

Today, we’re excited to announce that ChurchApp is now ChurchSuite.

We've put together some resources that may be helpful as you begin to communicate the ChurchSuite rebranding to your users, church members and web/tech team members.

This support article lists some things you may wish to consider, such as availability of new apps, updating your web-embedded ChurchApp content to the new ChurchSuite URLs. There's also some useful links to downloadable ChurchSuite branding resources for your communications.


A few weeks ago, we wrote to all of our customers to let them know that our iOS app was unavailable due to a trademark dispute that was brought by another company. After considerable time attempting to negotiate with them and their legal team, we have reached an impasse. In order to move past this and free us up to solely focus on our product, service and customers, we have taken the decision to change our name.

Our new name truly reflects what we offer - a full suite of interconnected products, working seamlessly together, helping to organise and manage all aspects of church life. ChurchSuite is so much more than simply an app!

For us, the only Name that we want to make known above all others is the name of Jesus.

Whilst we are sad to leave behind the name we’ve been using for the last 6 years, for us this has never been about making our name known above all others. ChurchApp descriptively told people what we did and who we were for, but it was only ever a label. For us, the only Name that we want to make known above all others is the name of Jesus. There is a sense of pain in changing our name, but it’s His name that we want to make known more than our own, so we gladly do this in order to continue following His call.

As we move forwards in this new season, we’re excited to have a fresh opportunity to restate what we believe God has called us to do and focus wholeheartedly on it: God has called us to build software that supports your church and extends His Kingdom.

We passionately believe that the local church is the hope for the world. Our mission is to build software that supports the local church, helping them to operate efficiently and effectively; with God’s blessing on this, we will see His Kingdom extended.

God has called us to build software that supports your church and extends His Kingdom.

As a growing and thriving company, we remain the same - nothing has changed there. The same passionate team behind ChurchApp is the same team who will work tirelessly on ChurchSuite. Our product will continue to improve and better support your church; our support will continue to equip you to use ChurchSuite in your local context. Being free from the trademark infringement dispute means we can now return our focus to all the exciting new features and functionality we have planned.

Through these past few weeks we have been delighted by the words of support and encouragement that so many of our customers sent through. We are truly thankful to each and every person who reached out with Bible verses, pictures and encouragement.

We might have a new name, but our vision and mission remain the same.

As we look forward to the future as ChurchSuite, we have so much to be excited about! Importantly, our updated iOS and Android apps are available for download through the App Store and Play Store and we’ve got a new branding page on our website to help you access our logos for your website and publicity. Alongside this we have our regular UK training days hosted around the country, a growing team of dedicated staff who want to support your use of our product and stacks of feature updates we can’t wait to unveil for you over the coming months.

We might have a new name, but our vision and mission remain the same. To us, this is just the beginning…

Post by Gavin Courtney


Your name has changed - have you been bought out?

No - we remain the same team that brought you ChurchApp with the same developers and support team. We’re a fully bootstrapped, privately-owned UK company, run by God-seeking Christians who are heavily involved with their local churches.

Is your iOS app available again?

Yes, you can download our iOS app from the App Store worldwide. If you have previously downloaded the ChurchApp app, it will continue to work but can no longer be updated. All customers using iOS devices should download the new ChurchSuite app from the App Store to replace the old app.

Is your Android app available?

Yes, our Android app has always been available through the Play Store and if you update now, the app will automatically change its name from ChurchApp to ChurchSuite.

Will links to ChurchApp still work?

Yes, all links to ChurchApp and My ChurchApp will continue to work, but will now automatically redirect to ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite - there are no immediate changes you need to make. Over the coming months, we would encourage all customers to update any links from their websites and other materials to use the new ChurchSuite domain name.

I use your Embed and Donate features in my website - will that still work?

Yes, any embedded content such as our calendar, Donate, small groups maps, etc, will continue to work without any changes. Over the coming months we would encourage all customers to update the URLs of any embedded content to use the new ChurchSuite domain name.

What does the future hold for ChurchSuite?A lot of exciting possibilities, we’re in this for the long haul! This is just the beginning… :)

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