Raising booking charges
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We're really excited to take the wraps off a host of new features and functionality for the Bookings module that we've been working on over the past few months. You can now raise charges against a booking or sequence of bookings and send a booking page to your customers - like a booking confirmation or notification.

Processing payments received for booking charges is really easy too - you can even receive online payments for booking charges.

The following feature video introduces the new features and gives you an overview of booking charges functionality in action.

Summary of the new features

Raising charges and managing bookingsFinance-friendly functionalityGreater customisation of the Bookings module

Whether you're raising charges for internal bookings like weddings or funerals, or booking out rooms and resources to external customers for their events, the new Booking Charges functionality can help you.

  • Raise charges against single-date and sequence bookings - simply, intuitive workflows for your bookings team.

  • Add charges for deposits, balances, instalments and ad hoc charges - you can even process refunds.

  • Manage charge visibility on a booking-by-booking basis - set charges visible, or perhaps hiding them until they've been approved.

  • Booking (and Event) pages within ChurchApp have a new visual interface that's much more interactive - it's even easier to see an overview of other bookings in a sequence and quickly navigate around the sequence without the leaving the booking page you're on.

  • Record invoice numbers against charges, helping you cross-reference to your invoicing workflows and accounting software.

  • Send customers an online booking page showing all their booking details and any charges.

  • Receive online payment for booking charges using your existing Stripe integration.

  • Process booking payments from customers received by other payment methods, like cash, cheque and bank payments.

  • Add due dates to the charges raised - ChurchApp help you keep track of when payments are due or become overdue.

  • View the charge history for any booking - see a clear audit trail of charges, changes and communications for the booking.

  • Enable/disable whether to accept online payments for each of your booking types by default - you can also override this on a booking-by-booking basis.

  • New Bookings module reports for Charges and Stripe Transfers - everything you need to see a financial overview of your bookings and charges.

  • Customise your booking pages and booking communications using the new Brands functionality - ideal if your commercial bookings are branded differently to you main church branding.

  • Customise your booking types and resources to show/hide certain questions and responses - customers don't need to see your internal-use questions on their customer-facing booking page!

  • Customise a payment confirmation email for each booking type - customers receive a confirmation email when an online payment for booking charges is processed.

  • Add a message to the footer of your customer-facing booking pages - ideal for communicating your terms and conditions, cancellation policy and venue contact details.

Communicating with your customers

  • There's a new communication menu in the Bookings module with a sleek new interface to easily communicate with customers or companies.

  • Easily add customers from contacts in your Address Book - the system will even re-link all the contacts' bookings to the new customer profile.

  • Organise customers and companies and see who else is "At this company" when viewing a customer profile.

Need a hand?

The Booking Charges support article includes everything you need to know to begin raising charges and sending a booking page notification to your customers. All our support articles are available online via the "Ask a Question" beacon in ChurchApp - just search by keyword, phrase or topic.

We've got lots more new and exciting developments planned this year - watch this space!

In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

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