Ongoing Updates: 12th December - 26th January 2016
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 12th December - 26th January 2016.


  • 26-Jan-2016 - Flow Small Groups Action

    You can now add an action to your flow which allows you to process a contact into a smallgroup.

  • 25-Jan-2016 - AdHoc team rotas

    When editing a ministry, if you select your team rotation as AdHoc, you can now create multiple teams of people. When viewing the rota, you're then able to add teams of people onto the rota in addition to individual people.

  • 25-Jan-2016 - Multi-day & multi-service rotas

    You can now create multiple rotas from a single ministry. Once you've created your ministry, click through to add a new rota; you can now set a rota start time that differs from your ministry time (allowing you to create multiple rotas for different services from the same ministry). You can also override the days that a rota will run, selecting multiple days if you wish.

  • 25-Jan-2016 - Archive audit trail

    We now automatically add key dates for "Left ministry" and "Left group" when archiving contacts/children in ministries or smallgroups

  • 19-Jan-2016 - Duplicate ministry

    Within the Rotas module, you can now duplicate an existing Ministry - great if you start a second service and want to quickly get your ministries set up.

  • 19-Jan-2016 - Bookings - current time line

    Within the Bookings module, if you leave your screen open on the Planner view, the red line showing you the current time will now update itself throughout the day so that it's always showing the current time.

  • 19-Jan-2016 - Adding to group/ministry by tag

    When editing a group in Small Groups or a ministry in Rotas, you can now add people to those groups/teams by tag as well as individually. Simply search for the name of the tag rather than the name of the person.

  • 14-Jan-2016 - Smart Tag admin conditions

    Create new conditions for Users and User Groups so that Smart Tag results show Contacts linked to the Users matching those conditions.

  • 14-Jan-2016 - Multi-site header change

    If your ChurchApp account is multi-site enabled, you'll now see an additional bar in your account's header that shows you which site you're currently browsing.

  • 14-Jan-2016 - Fixed Tag from Smart Tag results

    You can now easily create a Fixed Tag from a Smart Tag's results by clicking the "Add to Tag" button.

  • 14-Jan-2016 - Event HTML Descriptions

    You are now able to use the HTML editor to format event descriptions in the same way that you can when editing an email. The HTML formatting that is applied will carry through to; the Event pages, the Embeddable Calendar and also to My ChurchApp.

  • 14-Jan-2016 - Smart Tag giving couples

    When using a Smart Tag, if a giver represents a couple, both contacts will now be included in the Smart Tag results.

  • 05-Jan-2016 - Small Groups tag/role filtering

    Within the Small Groups module, you can now filter both tags and roles to see groups that have been archived, active and future. Just click through to a tag and select the group status you'd like.

  • 17-Dec-2015 - Giving - Add to batch

    You can now add to an existing batch through the Giving module. Simply click through to the batch and click the "Add to batch" button. You're also now able to name a batch, making it clearer what it was from.

  • 16-Dec-2015 - Address label offset

    When generating address labels through the Communication section, if you're generating Avery labels you're now able to add a label "offset", leaving blank spaces at the top of the sheet so that you can print onto partially used sheets of labels.

  • 14-Dec-2015 - Event Sequence Images

    It's now even easier to manage photos for event sequences. For any event in a sequence, when editing the event, you can choose to update either the event sequence's image or the event image (which overrides the sequence image).

​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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