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Ongoing Updates: 15th January - 19th February 2015
Gavin Courtney | February 20, 2015 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 15th January - 19th February 2015

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 15th January and 19th February 2015.


  • 17-Feb-2015 Faster Contact Communication reportWe've totally reworked the Contact Communication report, making it much faster to load.
  • 16-Feb-2015 Giving TagsUsers can now add givers to tags in the Giving module.
  • 13-Feb-2015 Custom times for rota datesWhen adding a new date onto a rota, you can now also specify the time. Perfect for extra dates you might add onto a rota to cover special events such as weddings or one-off mid-week services.
  • 13-Feb-2015 Auto-suggest added to Summary search fieldsThe search fields for Address Book and Childrens modules within the Summary page are now auto-suggest enabled.
  • 11-Feb-2015 Multiple overseers for eventsYou can now add multiple overseers for events in the Calendar module.
  • 11-Feb-2015 Donations by month graphThe Donations by Month report in the Giving module now includes a helpful graph to help you visualise how many people gave and how much was given over a date range.
  • 06-Feb-2015 Sensible badge sizingWhen printing badges from either the Address Book or Children modules, the badge sizing follows the default label setting from the respective module's module options.
  • 13-Feb-2015 Added support to upload non-Dropbox files!Along with a host of smaller updates to emails, you can now upload files from Google Drive, etc as well as select an email template for sending out your email. https://churchapp.co.uk/blog/2015/02/06/email-templates-attachments-and-more-updates
  • 13-Feb-2015 Donation confirmation emailsOn a Fund by Fund basis, you can now enable confirmation emails to be sent out when someone makes an online donation through Donate. https://twitter.com/churchapp_/status/563023798858182657
  • 13-Feb-2015 Auto-confirm emails for event sign-upWhen you sign up to an event, you can now receive through an automated confirmation email. Just click through to edit the event and you can see the fields. https://churchapp.co.uk/blog/2015/01/22/new-updates-simplified-event-communication
  • 13-Feb-2015 Ministry-specific reminder emailsWhen rota notification emails are sent out, you can now specify a generic email address for them to come from. Just edit the ministry and you'll see the fields in there. https://twitter.com/churchapp_/status/560845844510167040
  • 20-Feb-2015 Multiple Ministry RolesRoles can now be shared between multiple ministries, rather than having to be locked down to a single ministry as they were previously. https://twitter.com/churchapp_/status/555759910374637568

My ChurchApp

  • 20-Feb-2015 Updated My EventsThe My Events section now has a fresh new look, making it easier to see what's on. Events are displayed in an attractive new layout, with a much easier navigation system, particularly for mobile phones. https://twitter.com/churchapp_/status/568458677880897536
  • 12-Feb-2015 Avatar images in My ChurchAppWhether you're on a group, rota or event page, when a list of people is presented, you'll now see an avatar image next to their name.
  • 11-Feb-2015 View signups on EventsWhen viewing an event in My ChurchApp you will now be able to see all event signups if you are an overseer for the event.
  • 13-Feb-2015 Ministry imagesYou can now upload an image associated with a Ministry so that it pulls through in My ChurchApp. https://twitter.com/churchapp_/status/565924220044316674

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite