Ongoing Updates: 29th October - 11th December 2015
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 29th October and 11th December 2015.


  • 10-Dec-2015 - Approving Booking clashes

    There's a new module option for the Bookings module that allows you to select whether it's just Admin users or anyone with Manage permission who can approve a booking that clashes with another.

  • 09-Dec-2015 - Improved Word paste detection

    We've updated our email editor to improve "paste detection" from Microsoft Word. Pasted text is now automatically cleaned up to prevent common formatting issues. We've also added in a "Clear formatting" button to further help.

  • 27-Nov-2015 - Booking Changelog

    We now log and display changes to bookings on view of a booking

  • 26-Nov-2015 - Markdown support in Notes

    Notes throughout ChurchApp support Markdown formatting, allowing you to add basic text formatting throughout the system.

  • 26-Nov-2015 - Statement of Donations Notes column

    When generating a Statement of Donations, you can now choose to include the donation Notes column, if you wish.

  • 26-Nov-2015 - Giving batches

    When adding in a new batch of donations, you can now choose the fund for each donation, rather than having to create separate batches for separate funds. You can also click through from a donation to its batch to see the full details of the batch.

  • 24-Nov-2015 - Stripe Transfer Reports

    We now have a Stripe Transfer Report for the giving module, which links to the Calendar Stripe Transfer Report if the user has the correct permissions.

  • 16-Nov-2015 - North American churches - Tax deductible giving

    For North American churches, you can now specify whether a donation is tax deductible or not, which carries through to statements of donation and also My ChurchApp.

  • 12-Nov-2015 - Rota - multi-line notes

    You can now add multi-line notes to your rota dates.

  • 12-Nov-2015 - Disabled communication actions

    When you're viewing a contact, child or giver profile, if you're not able to send them an email or SMS since they don't have an email address or mobile number listed, those actions are now disabled from the "Communicate" drop-down list.

  • 12-Nov-2015 - Giving Reports

    In our Giving reports, where applicable, you can now filter by multiple Funds as well as add the givers in view to a tag.

  • 10-Nov-2015 - Small Groups Advanced Search

    You can now search custom fields in the SmallGroups module advanced search

  • 02-Nov-2015 - QuickBooks Integration

    On our Donation Totals and Non-Giftaid donation reports you can now export to the QuickBooks .iif file format.

  • 30-Oct-2015 - Avery L4743 (2x6) labels

    We've now added support for Avery L4743 (2x6) labels.


  • 03-Dec-2015 - Visitor auto-delete

    Through the Children module options, you can now select the time period after which Visitors are deleted from the system. The default setting is that if someone hasn't been checked in for 3 months, their details are removed, but you can extend or reduce that, if you wish.

  • 01-Dec-2015 - Check-In visitor notes

    Through the Children module options, you can now enable a "Notes" field that is shown when checking in a visitor. You might use the field for contact details, notes of siblings being in other groups, etc.

  • 20-Nov-2015 - More customisable check-in badges

    Through the Children module options, you can now choose which field of information appear on room and child badges. For example, you can choose to exclude a child's last name and the check-in code if you wanted.


  • 29-Oct-2015 - Embed iCal feed

    We've now added in an iCal feed for all calendar events that are ticked to appear in Embed.


​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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