Ongoing Updates: 8th May - 28th May 2015
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 8

th May

and 28th May 2015.


  • 27-May-2015 - Add sign-ups to key date

    You can now add people who have signed up to an event to a key date from the Event page in ChurchApp.

  • 21-May-2015 - Child communication by school year

    From the "Years" report in the Children module, you can now select to communicate with all the children in a given school year - perfect for communicating in advance about an upcoming change in age group before the new term.

  • 21-May-2015 - Once in a Flow

    We now ensure that a contact is only able to appear once in a flow.

  • 20-May-2015 - Administrator tags

    You can now assign tags that don't necessarily exist to new contacts and children from the module edit screens.

  • 20-May-2015 - Children gathering maximum age

    You can now specify the upper age limit for a gathering, giving you more control over the children who will be suggested for check-in groups.

  • 18-May-2015 - User Index UI amends

    To maintain a consistent UI across ChurchApp, the column on the User list page in the Administrator section which shows whether a user is active on the system or not has been replaced by a View Active/All link at the top of the table.

  • 18-May-2015 - User management changes

    The form to add and edit a user in ChurchApp is now more logical and clear.

  • 15-May-2015 - Flow examples

    We've added in 5 example flows that you can choose to install as a basis from which you might build your own flows. The examples include Newcomer Integration, Join a Group, Become a Member, etc.

  • 13-May-2015 - Ministry Members Report

    We have added statistics to the top of the Ministry Members report in the Rotas module so that you can easily see how many contacts and children are being displayed.

  • 12-May-2015 - Children Attendance Reporting

    We now have an Attendance Summary report in the Children module. This report shows recent attendance inline for each child on a single page.

  • 08-May-2015 - Filter by dates and tags in Statistics report in Address Book.

    Within the Statistics report in Address Book, users can now filter by date and tags.

  • 08-May-2015 - Duplicated Children Report

    We now provide a report, similar to the duplicated contacts report, which allows you to easily identify possible duplicates in the Children module.


  • 20-May-2015 - Check-in without a PIN

    If you click on an "Unlock" button in the check-in system when there's no PIN number on the session, you're no longer asked to enter the PIN - it just performs the unlock action immediately.

  • 20-May-2015 - Check-in group notes

    When in the Admin area for child check-in, you can now record notes against each group - perfect for recording an incident log or even a summary of what the session's topic for historical records.

  • 18-May-2015 - Connect session suggestions

    When selecting a session name from the "Suggested Sessions" list we now set-up all the options with the same settings used the last time the session was created.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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