Tag management - merging now added
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One of the features of ChurchApp, our UK church database system, that we regularly hear our customers love is tagging. The ability to create ad-hoc groups of adults and children, and then communicate with them through the powerful church communication system makes life so much simpler for pastors and administrators.

Well, we're pleased to announce that we've just added feature to the powerful tagging system - the ability to merge tags. Not only can you merge tags and completely remove the old ones, but you can create a new tag by merging others and still retain the ones you've just merged.

To merge existing tags within ChurchApp, simply go to the Tags section within either the Address Book or Children modules, click on the name of the tag you want to merge and click the "Merge tag" button from the top of the page. Alternatively, you'll find the "Merge tag" option within the action menu within the Tags section.

Batch church contact management and managing large children's ministries just got a little bit easier!

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