SMS communication within Children module
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Following on from our recent updates to make church communication even easier, we've just rolled out our SMS functionality into the church children's ministry database module of ChurchApp. This update builds on the huge success of being able to send out an SMS to church members in the Address Book, which has proved immensely popular since we released it last summer.

From within the Children module, we've covered all the bases of who you might want to send out an SMS to:

  • You can communicate directly with the children - you might use this to contact your youth group to remind them to bring along something at the next meeting.
  • You can communicate with just the parents of the children you select - you might want to invite all parents of Year 6 children to come to a vision evening where you're talking about how you plan to support their children who are moving into secondary school.
  • You might even want to contact the child, primary parent and the secondary parent to cover all the bases - the kids group might be called off one evening, so you want to get the message out dar and wide.

This is a really powerful update, and thanks to our partnership with txtLocal with discount charity rates for SMS, you can send out SMS messages from as little as 2.4p per message.

Time to get texting!

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