Scheduled maintenance updates - Sunday 13th May - Latest updates
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Update - Monday 14th 16.30pm We've now resolvd the earlier issue that was preventing some iOS app users from being able to log in to ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite.

Update - Monday 14th 11.32am ChurchSuite is still online and running as expected following last night's server migration. We're continuing to monitor all systems today. The team are all here (albeit a little bleary-eyed from the late night!) and available to assist if you have any questions. We're aware of an isolated issue with some iOS app users being unable to log in via the ChurchSuite app. We're working to resolve this currently and will keep you updated here, but please bear with us as we complete this - apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. iOS users can still access ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite via their device's Safari browser if they need to.

Sunday, 13th May 2018...

ChurchSuite is currently offline for some planned maintenance whilst we upgrade our databases. We expect to be back online at 11:00pm BST.

Update - 11.33pm: Migration completed successfully! We'll continue to monitor. Thanks for your patience. We'll communicate a full post-migration summary in the morning.

Update - 11:00pm: Account migration completed, Running final tests - 100% complete!

Update - 10:50pm: Completing account migration - 95% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 10:40pm: Completing account migration - 94% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 10:30pm: Completing account migration - 92% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 10:20pm: Completing account migration - 90% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 10:00pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 86% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 9:50pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 77% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 9:30pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 57% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 9:20pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 48% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 9:10pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 43% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 9:00pm: Migrating internal data + Performing initial tests - 35% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 8:50pm: Migrating internal data + Beginning initial tests - 24% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 8:45pm: Migrating internal data - 19% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 8:00pm: Migrating internal data - 13% complete ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 7:50pm: Migrating internal data - ETA: 11:00pm BST

Update - 7:30pm: Migrating internal account data - ETA: 11:00pm BST

​We appreciate your patience whilst we work to make our system even better.

​As always, if you have questions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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