Powerful repeating event engine
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One of the problems we've wanted to crack for quite some time has been repeating events. It's a pain to have enter information multiple times for the same event, and even though you could previously use the "Duplicate Event" feature, it just didn't feel right. We're pleased to say that we think we've cracked it, and have just completed work on our repeating event engine... and it's a good'un!

Why has it taken us a little while to get this feature completed? Because there are all manner of different ways you might want your church events to repeat:

  • You've got a 7 day conference that runs every day for 7 days.
  • You're hosting a 24/7 prayer evening that runs every week day for 2 weeks, but doesn't run at the weekends.
  • You've got weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly events that need entering into the church calendar database.
  • One of your events runs on the first Sunday of each month.

The more we asked our customer how their events repeat, the more we realised it's really not simple! That said, we've managed to build a powerful church event engine that caters for each of these possibilities, and better than that, it has already rolled out across all ChurchApp accounts.

Church event management and church planning just got even easier with ChurchApp!

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