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One of the most powerful features of ChurchApp is the way it makes it simple to run church-wide communication with emails, SMS (through our partnership with, or downloading a church PDF address book or simply contact details in a CSV format. We're pleased to announce that this whole process has just been made even easier through the ChurchApp church communication system!

Live across all accounts from today is an updated Communication page within the church Address Book, Children's ministry management and Small Groups management modules, which allows you to first select your contacts and then filter them by a series of data fields before choosing your method of communicating with them.

For instance, if you wanted to invite all the men in your church to an event by SMS, you would:

  1. Choose to communicate with "All Contacts".
  2. Filter your contacts by Sex, matching on "Male".
  3. Select SMS as your communication method, and send out your message.

If you wanted to post out a birthday card to everyone whose birthday is in August and is tagged with a tag called "Volunteer", you would:

  1. Choose to communicate "By Tag", and select the "Volunteer" tag.
  2. Filter your contacts by Month of Birth, matching on "August".
  3. Select Labels/Envelopes as your communication method and then either print our your Avery labels or directly onto envelopes.

Being able to filter your contacts after making the tag or group selection is a powerful addition that makes selecting exactly the right contacts even easier.

We think this feature looks and works great, we hope you do too.

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