Google Chrome web app released!
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We use them every day, but some days, having to type in one more word on the keyboard can feel like a real effort! And it's for this very reason that we've just released our first Google Chrome web app, which you can get direct from the Chrome Web Store. The best part? This extension is free for our church database system, so go and get it...

The extension will only work with Google Chrome (they're the only browser offering this type of extension at the moment), and allows you to have a link directly in to your ChurchApp account right from the Apps page when you load a new tab. The ChurchApp icon can now appear right alongside your Gmail and Bible icons for easy access.

When you first load the Chrome extension, you'll be asked to enter the subdomain you use to access your ChurchApp account. Once you've done this once, you won't be asked to do it again - we just wish we didn't need it the first time!

Save the settings, and you're done - the next morning when you go to access ChurchApp, just load a new tab in Chrome, and your icon will be there ready and waiting. Click it, and you'll be taken directly to the login screen.

We've got plenty more plans to help accessing the ChurchApp church database software even faster, including integration with Google Apps and many other goodies on the way!

This is just the beginning.

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