Children's tags - you're it!
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We've been getting quite a bit of feedback over the past few months about both what our users are loving and what's top of their wish list for the future. One thing that's come up a number of times is tagging within the Children module.

Tags are a great way to keep track of things, whenever you have an arbitary group of children — a mid-week group, a non-age specific grouping, or a one-off trip — tags allow you to quickly and easily track who's part of that grouping.

Tags can be added to a child from the Edit Child page and/or the Edit Tag page where multiple children can be added at the same time. Once all the Children are tagged you can hop over to the communicate tab and choose to communicate with them via the normal communciation options; email, address labels or csv export.

As ever we're open to hearing any suggestions or feedback from you, just head to our contact page use the 'Need help?' widget in your ChurchApp account or email us directly

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