Automated statistics-a-plenty!
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We've definitely been getting in the Christmas spirit here at ChurchApp, and we've sorted a real treat as one of our pre-Christmas updates to our church management system.

Everyone (I'm sure it's not just me!) loves statistics - looking at graphs and seeing where there's growth, planning for the future - it's great fun. What's not so fun though is gathering and recording statistics, and that's our first gift to you - automated church statistic gathering.

Starting January 1st 2012, on the 1st of every month, ChurchApp will automatically record the number of contacts in your Address Book, as well as each of your tags. We've also implemented the same powerful feature within the Children module, so you can sit back, relax and let your statistics gather on their own!

We've also added a powerful new graph feature to the church Attendance management module, which build graphs on the fly, showing you the average attendance across the months you have statistics recorded for. The graphs are fully interactive, allowing you to click around, removing data sets temporarily so you can build up the exact picture of just the stats you need.

These new statistic features continue to make ChurchApp an incredibly powerful piece of cloud-based church management software.

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