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Small Groups - Reports
Small Group management and church statistic generation - all from one system!

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Small groups reports in ChurchSuite give your church data and intelligence on your small groups ministry

Attendance reports

Report - Average Attendance

Show the average attendance of members in selected groups over a definable date range.

Search and report the average attendance of members in selected groups over a definable date range. View results from all your small groups, or filter specific group types.

Report - Attendance Notes

View pastoral notes for your small groups with our Attendance Notes report!

When recording the attendance for the groups in your church you can also enter a note for that session. These can be used to highlight what was covered that week, or record issues raised. Stay on top of pastoral oversight of your groups.

Report - Exceptional Groups

Groups with exceptional attendance, i.e. lower or higher than average, over a given date range.

Get a list of small groups with exceptional attendance over a given date range, i.e. lower or higher than average. If you're running groups with termly sign-up using the 'Activate' model, see which groups are most popular.

Report - Missing Attendance

View a list of all groups who have not submitted attendance within a given number of months.

View a list of all your small groups who have not submitted attendance within a given number of months. Then communicate with those group leaders direct from the report.

Report - Monthly Breakdown

A monthly breakdown of your church's small group attendance

See a month-by-month breakdown of small group attendance. Get an easy overview of the health and vitality of your church's small groups.

Report - Monthly Engagement

Create graphs of the monthly engagement of small groups.

Produce graphs of the monthly engagement of your small groups. Report adult members, children and group visitors.

Groups reports

Report - Capacity

Show groups that have a maximum capacity and how full they are.

Get a helpful, up-to-the-minute visual overview of the capacity of your small groups.

View actual sign-ups vs. available capacity, then direct people to those groups with available capacity.

Report - Cluster

Gain an overview over the church small group clusters in your church through ChurchSuite church small groups software

As your church grows, ChurchSuite "Clusters" are a great way to organise the growing amount of groups. 

The Clusters report helps you keep an overview of the small group picture in your church by showing the small groups ordered by their clusters.

Report - Key Details

See all your church small groups' key details on one screen to gain insight into your church's small groups picture

The Key Details report helps you understand the small groups situation in your church.

It only takes one glance to get a good understanding of your groups in terms of the gender makeup, age, and marital status.

Report - Locations

Show your church's small group locations on a map

ChurchSuite lets you see how your groups are spread, with an optional radius plotted around your church to help visualise distances.

The ChurchSuite Location report is the best way to see just where your small groups are spread.

Report - Group Notes

Gain an overview over all the notes your church small groups team have taken on the church's small groups

The ability to keep notes on small groups in ChurchSuite is one that small groups teams love making use of.

The Notes report helps your small group staff keep an overview over the notes that have been written, helping the team to work more efficiently.

Report - Recent Changes

See any recent changes made to your church small groups by the pastoral staff team

For busy staff teams, it can sometimes be extremely useful to be able to go back and see exactly what has recently changed, and who made those changes.

The Recent Changes report lets you see any changes made to your groups.

Report - Snapshot

See a snapshot of your church small groups' demographics, compared to the demographics of your church members who are not in a group

Need to compare age as well as gender breakdown graphs for your small group members as well as those who aren't currently a part of a small group?

The Snapshot report helps inform your strategic small group decisions.

Report - Time Running

View how long a church small group has been running

Celebrating long-serving members can be such a powerful message, and the Time Running report is invaluable in helping identify this.

ChurchSuite's Time Running report show you how long each small group in your church has been running.

Members reports

Report - Birthdays

See your church members' birthdays by small group

Birthdays are important milestones in people's lives, and ChurchSuite helps you not to miss them. Through the Small Groups module you can track which birthdays are coming up in church small groups.

Report - Group Members

Show small group members by church small group

This report makes it easy to see who is in which group, what the average group size is, and how many adults are in a small group overall. Useful for staying on top of your small groups ministry!

Report - Multi-Group Members

Show which members of your church are in more than one small-group

Some church members can be very keen indeed, and so we built this report with the intention of helping you see who your most eager small group members are - the ones who attend more than one group...

Report - Not in a Group

List of contacts not in a group

ChurchSuite makes it simple to see who's not currently in a group and even allows you to filter by tags you have set up in the address book, such as 'members' or 'potential leaders'.

ChurchSuite's Not in a Group report (list version) lets you see the details of those who aren't in a small group.

Report - Not in a Group

This report shows your church where on a map your small groups as well as members who don't attend any groups are

You might know who's not in a small group but knowing which small groups are near them is a different challenge.

ChurchSuite's Not in a Group report (map version) shows you the locations of those not in a group alongside your small groups' locations.

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