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Small Groups - My ChurchSuite
Provide church members with a list of open groups, enable sign-up. Leaders can even submit attendance data!

Small Group, Home Group or LifeGroup management through My ChurchSuite

Accessible group sign-up

Make it super easy for church members to view your small groups and sign-up to a group

Integrate people into small groups more effectively. My ChurchSuite allows your church members to find the small group that suits them best and then sign-up at the click of a button. Super-easy, acessible, small group sign-up.

View other group members

View Group Members in your LifeGroups, Home Groups or Small Groups

Subject to each group member's personal visibility settings, small group members can look up contact details of other group members, which fosters community and helps make data available to members of the church in a secure and controlled way.

Submit attendance data

Small group leaders can add small group attendance data through My ChurchSuite

With My ChurchSuite, submitting attendance data is easy and quick. Simply let your small group leaders submit the data for their groups every week, or designate a person in each group to do it for them.

Foster church community by letting small group members send group messages using My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite features a brilliant group emailing system that enables group members to send messages to their small group. Any replies are again delivered to the whole group. This secure group messaging system rejects replies if they are sent from an email address not associated with the group.

Manage group details

Let your group leaders manage the details of their LifeGroup, Home Group or Small Group

Small group leaders can manage the details of their small group in order to make sure that the information you hold (and, potentially, that appears on your website) is accurate and up-to-date.

Add small group members

Let your leaders add group members to your LifeGroups, Home Groups or Small Groups

Eliminate administrative load by empowering your small group leaders to add any new group members directly through My ChurchSuite.

Manage group visibility

Group by group control over visibility and signup in My ChurchSuite

Manage each small group's individual sign-up period and visibility settings within My ChurchSuite - only display those small groups you want.

Set group capacity

Set group capacities to cut off sign-ups when groups are full.

Set each group's capacity and decline sign-ups when a group is full - fill your small groups more consistently

My ChurchSuite is a multi-lingual church members system that supports European languages like English, German - Deutsch, French - Francais, Dutch

As the member-facing part of your church software, it's important church members can use it in their language. My ChurchSuite is available in English, German, Dutch, French and Slovak.

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