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Rotas - Reports
Generate reports to help and inform right from your church rota software.

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Rotas reports help inform the ministries in your church

Reports help you pull out key information and stats from your web-based church rota management system quickly and easily. Each report can be customised, letting you query different ministries and date ranges as needed.

Ministry/Team Reports

Report - Ministry Breakdown

Gain an overview of the serving profile in your church

Gain a quick overview of the serving profile in your church.

This report provides insight into factors such as the breakdown of age, gender, number of teams and total volunteers serving in your church.

Report - Ministry Members

With ChurchSuite, you can easily see a list of all church members who are serving as part of a team

Another convenient tool to help your church's ministry, the Ministry Members report shows you everyone who is currently serving in a ministry.

Contacts are shown with their contact details and grouped by ministry.

Report - Multi-Ministry Members

See which of your church members are serving in more than one ministry in the life of your church

Sometimes it can be useful to see who the extremely involved people are - who is serving in more than one ministry?

This report lists all those people with their contact and ministry details.

Report - Not in a Ministry

With ChurchSuite, you can easily see which church members are not currently part of a team

Do you want to increase the participation in your serving teams, spread the serving load more evenly while giving more people an opportunity to take part?

This report helps you to know who to approach about serving on a team.

Rotas Reports

Report - Not on a Rota

See who in your church is not serving on a rota

Sometimes it can be good to have a starting point in terms of inviting people people to join and serve.

This report provides you with a quick and easy way to gain an overview over all the contacts in your church who are not on a current or future rota.

Report - Rotas Clashes

Check whether there are clashes between any of the rotas in your church

When organising the new rota, no mistake happens more easily than to inadvertently double-book people.

With this report, you can check whether this has happened, helping you to catch the error before you distribute the rota.

Report - Rotas Overview

The Rotas overview report gives you a good overview over who is serving in which teams on a given date

The Rotas Overview report is really useful for knowing what's going on on a given week.

It enables you to view a list of all contacts who are on a team on a given date.

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