Simply and intuitively manage ministries and serving teams across the life of your church.
Simply and intuitively manage ministries and serving teams across the life of your church. ChurchSuite makes it easy to manage rotas efficiently.
Swapping built in
Easy rota swapping lowers the perceived hurdles and encourages church members to give serving a go – despite a busy diary!
Service overview
Gives you an easy way to maintain an overview of the teams serving at a given service.
Great for midweek
Not only does this work brilliantly for your weekend gatherings – this is also ideal for any midweek ministries your church offers!
Set up serving rotas
We support different kinds of rotas, but however you do it, you'll enjoy the overview the system gives you, as well as the time it saves!
Automated reminders
Make sure everyone knows when it's their turn to serve. Send automated reminders by email or SMS to remind everyone when they're on.
Detect clashes
ChurchSuite will automatically detect and notify you of any clashes if a volunteer is unavailable or serving on another rota.
Set customisable rotations
Set up your rotas with customisable team rotations, choosing which teams to include in the rotation and which team is first in the rotation. Or create ad hoc rotas for those ministries that don't have a rotation pattern at all. Flexibility to suit each of your different ministries.
Assign roles
Create roles across your ministries and assign those roles to church members in each ministry. Easily communicate with members by their serving role, e.g. email all leaders.
Signal unavailability
Allow rota members to record times of unavailability, perhaps for holidays. This causes a clash notification for ministry overseers when they attempt to add or swap a team member to a rota date when the person is unavailable.
See who's serving
Empower your church serving teams to operate more efficiently and effectively by letting church members see who they're serving with. This can also help to foster community in your church.
Better team communication
Communicate directly with rota or ministry members with 'closed group' communications. Then choose to have replies directed just to yourself or to the whole team.
Excellent reporting
Gain a fantastic overview of the serving profile in your church. Get all the serving statistics you need to develop and grow your ministry.
Multi-site enabled
Are you a multi-site church? Every area of ChurchSuite is built around supporting and enabling multi-site churches, helping you to manage complex church structures.
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