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Youth & Children's Ministry - My ChurchSuite
Allow Parents to update their Children's details, all via an intuitive member-facing interface.

Parents in your church can manage their children's details through My ChurchSuite

Your Data is Secure

Church members can log in to My ChurchSuite to amend their children's details

My ChurchSuite for Children uses encrypted URLs, secure behind a protected login. Additionally, only the adult who is logged in can make edits, and the edits are limited to the children that you have directly linked with that adult in ChurchSuite.

Edit Children's Details

Church members can edit their children's details through My ChurchSuite

Parents can log in to change their own as well as their children's details. This helps keep your children's ministry database up to date and decreases the amount of time your staff need to spend on admin.

Children's ministry module: send a My ChurchSuite invite to parents so they can amend their children's details.

We try to make everything as quick and easy as possible. With My ChurchSuite, sending invites to parents to get them to update their and their children's details is the work of only a single click.

Parents can add new children, reducing need to rely on the church office for admin.

Enable parents to be able to add their children (or new children) and reduce the admin burden on the church office. Importantly, your Children module data is always up to date with the latest family contact detail changes.

Dietary Requirements

Track dietary requirements of the children in your church's children's ministry.

It can be tricky keeping up to date with all the allergies and food intolerances children bring to the table! With My ChurchSuite, parents can update their child's dietary requirements. This info filters right through to the child check-in system, so your volunteers know about that dairy allergy before the glass of milk is served!

Manage Medical Information

Track medical requirements of the children in your church's children's ministry using My ChurchSuite

Whether it's key medical details, or the details of a child's doctor - this is information your children's ministry will want to have. Through My ChurchSuite, you can let parents update those details for you, which gives them, and you, peace of mind.

Photo/Video Consent

Let parents give photo and video consent for the children in your church through the My ChurchSuite church member database

Through My ChurchSuite, parents can decide whether they want to give your church permission to take photos or videos of their children - and they can even let you know how you're allowed to use the images. This is a win-win for parents as well as your safe-guarding team.

My ChurchSuite is a multi-lingual church members system that supports European languages like English, German - Deutsch, French - Francais, Dutch

As the member-facing part of your church software, it's important church members can use it in their language. My ChurchSuite is available in English, German, Dutch, French and Slovak.

View Check-in Passes

Church members can view their children's child check-in passes through My ChurchSuite

Along with printed passes for Child Check-in, ChurchSuite also lets you access an electronic version of the same pass in My ChurchSuite. So if you lose your printed pass you can simply bring up the electronic version on a smartphone instead!

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