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Youth & Children's Ministry - Child Check-in System
A beautifully simple but sophisticated check-in system, perfect for your children's ministry.

Professional child check-in with ChurchSuite, Children's Ministry Software

Child Check-In System

With ChurchSuite's sophisticated child check-in feature, children are "checked in" to Sunday school electronically. This can be done either using a pair of printed labels (one for the parent and one for the child), or through the use of a barcode scanner. Give your visitors and members peace of mind that their children are safe and well looked after.

Child Check-in

The child check-in start screen in the ChurchSuite church management system

Give the parents in your church (as well as visiting parents) the confidence that their children will be looked after in an environment that is caring but also professional and safeguarded.

Ties in to ChurchSuite Data

ChurchSuite child check-in ties in to the church membership database for added security.

Enter either a child's last name or the last four digits of their parent's phone number. The system brings up their children. Tick, confirm, print, done. It could not be easier.

Visitors Catered For

ChurchSuite Child Check-In caters for church visitors, making them feel welcome and at ease.

Whether it's the child's first time visit or they're a regular, ChurchSuite has it covered! Visiting children can be checked in, with contact names, numbers and essential medical info stored for easy access.


Child Check-In with ChurchSuite is secure, letting parents attend church secure in the knowledge that their precious ones are secure.

When the child is checked in, you have the option to print them a label with a four digit code on it. Only parents who have the corresponding label can pick their child up. One more way to instill confidence in your church members and visitors.

Children's Register

The ChurchSuite Child Check-In register means you always have an up to date register of all the children in your church's care.

As children are checked in, the system automatically builds a register which can be accessed with a pin code of your choice. In the event of an emergency the register is always up-to-date and ready to go.

Auto-Updating Stats

ChurchSuite's child check-in feature enables you to gather all your children's ministry's attendance statistics without lifting a finger

As the children are checked in, ChurchSuite automatically adds the attendance statistics to the relevant age groups, ensuring that your statistical data is always 100% accurate, with minimal effort.

Child Check-out

ChurchSuite Child Check-Out enables you to check children out of the system when their parents pick them up after church.

While checking a child in is the main functionality of Child Check-in, the ability to check a child out can be important for keeping the register up to date. For this reason, we have also built in Child Check-out functionality.

Capture New Family Details

Configure which visitor fields you require at check-in.

Control which fields of information you require from check-in visitors. Set required/compulsory fields. Keep within your Data Protection policy by managing how long visitor information is retained before deletion.

Barcode Check-in

ChurchSuite's child check-in feature enables you to gather all your children's ministry's attendance statistics without lifting a finger

Using a barcode to check in a child is both incredibly quick (taking only a few moments to complete the entire process) and incredibly secure. Barcodes used can be unique either to a single child or an entire family.

Group Unlock

ChurchSuite's child check-in feature enables you to gather all your children's ministry's attendance statistics without lifting a finger

Using our Group Unlock feature children can be assigned to a group with a younger age range that themselves for the duration of a single session.

Fully Customisable

Customise child check-in to suit your church's needs

Child check-in can be customised to suit your church. Check-In can auto-generate unique, secure check-in codes, or you can manually enter a code - ideal if you're using existing check-in stationery like wristbands.

Amazing Labels

Customise your labels

Choose which information displays on the Check-In Badges. View important information like allergies. Distinguish your visitors. Choose your label size.

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