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Event Pages
Create beautiful pages to advertise your church's events

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A simple yet elegant way to advertise your church events

Dedicated event pages

The ChurchSuite church calendar for churches - calendar view

Use Event Pages to create a simple yet elegant advertisement for the next big event at your church. It only takes a minute and you'll love the result!

Customise your event pages

Set personalised colour schemes, logos and emblems for your Events Pages to create a custom, branded advertisement with just a few clicks.

Each event's dedicated page scales perfectly for any device and looks great!

ChurchSuite Event Pages have been designed to look great on any device and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers with equal ease.

Create free and paid events

Use Event Pages to create sign up and ticketing for both free and paid events. Arrange sign up for everything from weekly prayer meetings to large seminars.

Add custom event questions

Add custom event questions to your event sign-up page

Gather essential event-specific information from your sign-ups with fully customisable event questions. Choose from a range of response types and even set if a response is required.

Are your church staff out of the office? Log it in ChurchSuite to stay on top of managing your church office

Create your own tickets types with a range of pricing and availability options. These can include discounts for early sign up, or different tickets for adults, children and families.

Designate event overseers to receive sign-up notifications

Designate one or more overseers for your event. Overseers will receive email notifications of sign-ups and be able to view the event sign-up list in My ChurchSuite.

Stay on top of event management with helpful Notes

Record event-related Notes to help you stay on top of event management. Keep track of what's done and what still needs doing.

Send personalised sign-up confirmation emails

Make a great first impression by sending a personalised sign-up confirmation message. Let people know about important event information. Confirmations also include payment details and event question responses.

Sign up via My ChurchSuite

View staff birthdays on your calendar

Give your church members the ability to sign up for events quickly and easily through My ChurchSuite. Letting them organise every aspect of their church life through one handy system.

Know when your church staff members are off sick and keep track of their sick leave

Put a link to an Event Page on your website to allow church visitors or non-church members to sign up online. Or, add an embedded calendar to show all your events that are open to the public.

Sign up via SMS

Are your church staff out of the office? Log it in ChurchSuite to stay on top of managing your church office

Give your members the power to sign up for events wherever they may be, using our handy SMS Sign-up feature. This way your members can sign up on the move, directly from their phone.

Set a cap on the number of tickets that can be sold for an event.

When creating an event, ChurchSuite lets you set a cap on the number of tickets that can be sold for that event. A status bar will then be displayed on the event's summary page to let you know how close you are to selling out.

Helpful event location Google maps.

Provide helpful location maps for your events. Make it easier for sign-ups to see where you event is - and even navigate there using their SatNav!

Finance teams love it too

Your church's finance team will love ChurchSuite's event management too. Reduced cash-handling, secure, and feature-packed reporting to reconcile bank receipts to ticket sales.

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