Full church attendance database configuration, church growth tracking and reporting.
Spot attendance trends over time
Record key metrics about your church service attendance and extrapolate trends.
Keep track of multiple attendance categories
Adults or children – track church attendance in one central place.
Beautiful and powerful automated graphs
Get an overview of attendance development in the life of your church with our beautifully designed graphs.
Linked to church services and gatherings
Monitor the growth of your church by linking attendance to church services and gatherings.
Take informed decisions
Keep church growth statistics close to hand, enabling key church leadership decisions.
Gather data about Sunday offerings
Keep track of the offering taken at each of your services.
Trustees' requirement
The most common request we hear from Trustees is 'how many' – answering that question has never been easier than with ChurchSuite's Attendance module.
Weekly records
Each week, painlessly enter the totals for each area of church life you want to record, and let the statistics accumulate over time – a fantastic resource to analyse the growth of your church.
Define groups
ChurchSuite allows you to define custom groups to keep track of different services, age groups or ministries, with no limitations.
Easily create custom graphs, analysing different categories over time. ChurchSuite allows you to get a clear picture of your church's growth, so you know where and how to invest.
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